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Gen. Sherman has asked the war department to order Majnr Gen. Schofield to San Francisco to relieve Major Gen. Irwin Mcrowell, and that the Utíer be ordered to hls home in Nw York preparatory to retirement in October. STAR ROUTE BRIBERY. After the jury in the star route oases bad buen excueed tor the day on the 7th, Judge VVylie Baid it had come 'to his ears that rneurbers of the jury had been approached in a most disgracsful way in attetopts to ir.flaenee their aCtioD. He had first heard of it about a wnek ago, wheu he had received most direct and pos itivo Information oi this character. He t,aa then adsised the jurymen to eay nothing about it as ha did not wish to stop the progrese of the case. Witiiin the past twenty four tours, how ever, theaa wolve3 ihat pur:oundd the jarj had become fisreer and bokier, and upon tit-ar ing of one attempt more braznu and vlllaiaous tban othwf, he had feit such indlgcation that he had nearly advised thu juror to Bhoot down uch a man on the spot. H had thnugbt that, had not advised it. He now adjured iha jurymeu to spurn such man with the toe oí their boot, to turn from them wïth scorn. He wished to warn these men that tbey were not to cooimit sueh outrages without punishmunt Aftr this trial perhaps an investigation would follow.' Gen. Henkle Iinmediately rose and said with much f eeling Ihat In the interest of bis cliënt he should demand an immedkte investí ation. The court said perhaps he would have THE STAR RODTE JUHÏ. Judge Wylie delivered his charge to ie jury in tho star route trial on the 8th commencing at the coming in of conrt. After the oncluslon of the charge proper, which saems o have been a very fair and plain one, counsel or defendants urged inany prayers for f urther nstructioD, most of which the court deciiaed o grant. The jury retired a little before 3 cloct P. U., and court took a recesa untll 6. hortly after 6 o'clock the jury reported to ie court that thay had agreed upon a verdiot s to one defendant cnly. Thy were sent out gala with instructioDs to come to an agreeent, if poBsible, as to all. CBOP EEPOBT. The September report of the Departent oi Agricultureonthe condition of cotton hows an improvement sinee August 1 ia irgini, North Carolina, Teanessos. Arkansas ad Ttxas, and soma deterioraron in South aroliua, Georgia and the ntates of the Gulf emst, Louisíana inclusive. The corn erop in 1 the región soutn of Bencsylvanla and the biu River is in a high condition. Every state xcept West Virginia is ropresentod by 100 or ghor figures. Ia miny diatrlcts of tha sautb he erop is reported the bsst in tweaty years. n thu Kew Fngland states it, is from 8 1 to 75 Main?, 95 to 62 ia Nöw Hampahlre, 87 to 60 n Masaacbusets, 9"8 to 70 In Rüoda Island and om 98 to 65 in Connecticut; a áecline of 8 ointB in New York and New Jersey and i In ?ennsylvania is iarticated. In the corn-growg states of thsOhio Valley ths ganeral averite of conditinn is 83, the sams as In August st year. Thare was a decline from 77 iu uguet to 6) in Sspfember. Ia 1880 the 8epmber average was 91. If the early frosts do ot Injure the erop tiie produot will be mateaily larger than laat year, butthe heavy prouction of 1879 and 1S8J cannot ba approached nder the most favorable circumstances. The ats erop whea harvestad wae ia an unusually i!gh coudition, ylelding heavily iu thresiiing. be geaaral average is ICO, very few sta'ee alling beiow that figure, among thein New ereey, Peunsylvanïa, Maryland .and Virginia. o tïb erop is also aDovi) the average in nearall tl'.e statu?, and oarve3tcd la good condiion. THE STAE EOÜTE TBIALS KKDED. ïhe last oL the greüt froutisr mail oute rotjbery trials has eom9. Brady, Dorsey, 'urner and Pack were acuuitted, while Miner nd Kendell must go tojiil. It is commnn ,ilk that almost every ono of the jurors were orruptly approached bv defendants, who to reak the force, of the ctiargas, are making milar ones agaiast the govarnment counsel. Counsel for tbe convioted defendants gave notiee of a motion in arrest of }udgment it is probable an appeal will bs takea to tUe court ei banc. - _ . ♦ . -


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