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Tolu Rocky And Rye

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ForCOUCHS, COLDS, SORE THROAT, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, PNEUMONÍA, CONSUMPTION, Oiseases Of THROAT, CHEST AND LUNCS. 5 M I !%■■■ rt I" Wélt II TTn! alwavs bron one of the most important Li 11 I VA (Ui I wapouswifldrd Intlx-MKJHCAL FAOULTY Í 1 Í4 I lili IVI II I fcaiiiUliB'iici-oadinicntsofCOUGHS.OOrj)3, uriLVnill UI 8 ULU n;ncinris. asthma, sork tukoat, CONSUMPTION in lts inripient and advaneed stages, and all diaeasea of tlio THROAT, CHEST and I..UNO8, butit haaneypr been so advanlaoonsiv nomponnded as In thuTOI.U, ROCK and UE. lts soothlng Balsamlc properties atlord a ilifrusii-p sliiinihint and tonic to build up the lystem after tüe cough has been relloved. Quurl sip lmtllcs. Prlce $1.00. All H I ül T no not ho deceived bj dealen wbo try to nalm oft Rock and Rye % W IVIV i in place of our Tol.l', T!OCK AND RYK, liich is the ONCY MtI)ICATEIartlcle- the genulne has a Private Die Proprictary Htamp on oach bottle, which permits ït to be Sold by Irnsicists, Ororcra and Déniers Evcry where, WITHOUT SPECIAL TAZ OR LICENSE. The TOLU, ROCK ANO RYE CO., Proprietors, 4 River St., Chicago, III.


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