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For The Children

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A 13 for tha Apple-blosaomComing with theepring. B is for the Ëuttereups Tha merry May will bring. C is for the Crocas bude, Fushios tbrough ihe mould D is for the Dandelione, . With their crowns of ?old. E is for the blooms, White as driven snow. F is tor the Flower-de-luce, That 'mid the rushes grow. G is for the maadow-Grasseü Waving everywhere. H is tor the Honey-euckle Sceüting a!i the air. I is for th 14 Ie houra 6pntla gathering poeie?. J is for the lovely Jute, With her wreath of rose. K Í8 for tha Katy-dids And all their endleos chatter. L is for the LUy-pads Fioaticig oa the water. M is for tho Morning-giorisp, Flowerlag high and low. N is fer the doway Ntsts Wiiere the birdies grow. ü Í8 for the Orioles gay, Singing loud and sweet. ' la for tha Poppy heads FJaihisg throngh the vTheat. Q is for thn Qaince?, han ing Golden ín ttie eun. R ia for tha üttle Kille Lauginrpr a thy run. S is for the öilver glory Uf th ! i mofin. i' is for tüo Eider ight Of nnlurfc'ii afterccon. Uis lor tha Uadi'rbiusb, Wheie h zil-nuts ara hmu V U for the IdbcIoqs 'i With thi-ir iuii'ile crowniüg W is tor theWoo4bine; when ïbe gn-.'n acdgoldeu hlends, X Is for th& Exodus Oí robins m (i r{ wrtns. ï is for fheÏBllowie Tbat set, h-t woods aglow. ZisTor tbs gratie Zjphyw Vanisijed lorg ago.


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