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John K. Boies Can Now Remain At Home

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mi continue his oldlmsineps, that of shavint; notos :'.)1 nao and jrabbing tl'.c dollars and cout in various wiiys, wliil iUo galíant óïd soldier, Col. Eldredgc, will oecupy tlie get that J. K. wotüd hkt so weU again to flll. It would ceui Ütal the binvc boya in blue did not forget tooasi !i'Mi-otos[or the man who most !■ . -n-' .1 tbein. ilia lumdsomc majority in this diBtrwt, the republioán stro]i;;lio!!, shows thftt the men who éWentyyears ago donlied the blue and shönldereJ flïe muskot, do not forget their comrades. Soldiere, you navarighta to be maiataineá, and the election of Col. EldrSdge shrtws that yonr intereete will Be lodked after. The ele tion also showed t!uit .7 ''" döaired ;i change. Tie democjacj' have now got the game in their.'.. 11 bands, anjïaa shure as Uu; day will GQpm, cei tam viotory awaitsthem in 18S4, for il ia not the solid south that contronls the repntolios3a party to-ftay, luit the soliil union.


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