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How To Get Sick

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-Exposé yourself aay ana mght, eat too much without exereise, work too bard without rest, doctor all the time.take all thevile nostrums advertised, and then you will want to know How to Get Wbll. Which is answered in three words - ïake Hop Bitters. The feeble tremble before opinión, the foolish defy it, the wise jndge it, thp skillful direct it. Mothbks Don't How mauy children are punishedfor being willluli uncouth and indifferent to instructioiiR and rewards, simply beeause they are out of health! An intelligent lady said oi a child of this kind: "Mothers shouk' kno v that if they gave the little ones an occaaional dose of Hop Bitters for two or threo weeks, the ohildrrn would be all a parent could desire." The best society and couversation is that in whieh the licnit ha greater share than the head. Don't dit: in the HorsE.-Ask druggist for " liongh on Kats." It clears out rats, mice, bed-btigs, roaches, vermin, nies, ants, inseets. 1.5c. per box. Ho who obeys with modesty oppears worthy of snme day or another bemjf allowed to eomraand. Catauhh or the Bladdeu. -Stinginfr, smarting, irritation of the urinary passages, diseased discharges, cured by Buchupabia. $1, at druggists. Mich. Depot, James E. Davis & Co., Detroit, Mich. Imitate time. It destroys slowly. It undermines, wears, loosens, separatrs. It does not uproot. Bbain and Nkbvk. -Wells' Health Renewer, greatest remedy on earth for impotence, leanness, sexual debility, &c. 41, at druggists. Mich. depot, Jamos E. Davis & Co., Detroit, Mich. In tliis age almost every persou is a reader, and receives more inatruction f rom the press than the pulpit. The injurioua effecte of alcohol on the brain and nervous system relieved and cured by the use of Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment. Scld at Brown & Co.'s drug store. It would be easier to endow a fooi with intellect than to make hiin believe he had none. "Men condemn in others what they praetice themselvjs." Those who practice the use of Kidney-Wort never condemn its use by others, but commend it to all affected with piles, dyspepsia, constipation and all other diseases resulting from a disordered state of the kidneys, liver or bowels. Judgement and reason have been grand jurymen since before Noah was a sailor. Diamond Dyes are so perfect and so beautiful that it is a pleasure to ub them. Equally good for dark or light colors. 10 ets. Where is any author in the world who teaches such beauty as a woman's eye. Givrn Away- We cannot help noticiug the liberal offer made to invalids ai'd sufïerers by Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. You are remiested to cali at Brown fe Co's drug store and get a trial bottle free of cost, if you are suffering with consumptiou, Severe Coughs Oolds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Hay Fever, jobs of Voice, Hoarseness, or any affeciion of the throat or lnngs. It will postively cure you. Hope is a delusion; nn hn1 can grnsp wave or a shadow. Joy, Joï to the Would. -If you meet a man who looks as though ho had lost all liis friends, had his house burued down and business destroyed, just make ttjp your mind that he either has dyspepniii or his liver is out of order. Tho bes1 thmg you can do fbrsnek woe-begonp : individual i to adviso lam to go to Ëberbkob Si Son's drug storo and get a I bottle of Dr. Jono's Red Clover Tonic, whioh.will cure hiui without fail. AJso au infallible remedy for pimples and ' blotohéa da tlip fnco. OnlySO cents a hottle. Home is the semino r y of 11 other institutions. Paralytic strokes, hnnrt dispase, jj mi kidney affectious, prevented by the nxn of Brown'i Tron Bitters. i


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