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Hunger And Appetite

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Dr. Fournie, the French physiologist, distinguishes between hunger and appetite by describing the foriner as 3 general deaire for food. no matter of what kind, while appetite is the feeling of pleasure which resulta f rom the gratiflcation oí that desire. This is proved by the fact that of ten, when we are not hungry appetite comes while we are eating, or at the mere sight ör smell of sonie favorite dish. The auestion a3 to where the seat of the feeling of hunger is has been much discussed by pïiysiologists. Leven asserts that it is not known at all, while Longett and Schiff believe that it is diffused through the whole body, but this latter view is diaproved by the f act that in some diseases people waste away without ever having the slightest feeling of hunger. Dr. Fournie's theory is this : When meal time arrivés the glands of the stomach become filled and distended and ready to accomplish their f unction of digesting the food. But if food is not introduced, they remain in this distended condition, and the result is the uneasy feeling wecallliunger. Excellent proof of this theory is afforded by the habit of some Indiana of eating clay to appease hunger. The introduction of the clay is followed by the discharge of the glands, and the sensation of hunger is an ested. Evidently this is a matter of habit with the glanda alluded to quite as much as of necp?sity, and Dr. Henry Hartshorne ad vises busy people who cannot spare the time f or f uil digestión in the midst of work, to give the stomach a hard cracker to work on wheu the sensatien comes. Simply to satisfy it as with a promise of more later, a cracker will suffice. Irritated mamma: "No, it doean't fitas if he had been born to it - it doesn't fit at all; and I shall expect the money back." Mr. Moses: " But s'help me - " Irritated mamma ; "Your advertisements say 'Money returned if not approved.' " Mr. Moses: "So they do, ma tear, so they do; but your money was approved - it was very goot money." - Exchange


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