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The Spanish-Ameriean claims commisalon has adjourned sinc die. The commission has been in existence 11 years, during which perioc 140 claims were eonsidered, reprosenting about $30,000,000. Awards were made in 38 eases, aggregatiug about -$1,300,000. Eight cases remaiu in the hands of au umpire fer decisión. These claims aggregate $4,04S,O00. Barca; Spanish minister, reecived the congratulations of President Arthur, his fellow diplomats and officials of the state department on the settlement of these long pending questione. SMALL-POX AMOXG SEAMEX. A circular is being prepared by the marine hospital service, lo be sent to masters of steamboats plying on western waters, waining them of the prevalcnce of emall-pox amoug seamen and urging the disinfecting of crews and vesseis. WHITE MHN;S EXCROACIIMENT. Indian Agent Porter, Fort Peek, Montana, tclegraphs to the Indian bureau that the Milk river country is overran with whito hunters, slaughtering the buffalo by thousar.ds. The Indians arebecoming rcstless andthe agent says thflf. whihp lmnt.prs han Tin hnfiinPRS OTl the reservatiou aad that tbc secrctary ol war would bc asked to have them removed. SUDDEX DEATH. At the Preeident's reoeption on New Ye.irs day the Hawaiian minister, after being presentedto the President, while passing to an ante-room, wa6 attaoked with vértigo and spasms. Medical attendance was promptly sumraoned, but proved of no avail, and he died shortly atterwards. CONCKESS. Senate.- Dec. 27.- Resolutions were adoptcd directing the postmaster general to report the amount of money paid steamship companies for transportation of mail to foreign countries since 1840 ; with inf orniation in regard to the American claims ; and directing the socretary of the interior to report the nurnber of contested homestcad cases and their details. Debate was resumcd on the right of congress to prohibit government employés from contributing money for politica] purposes. The eivil service reform bill, after undergoing various amendments, prominent ninong whieh was one offered bvMr. Blalr regarding the of use liquor by government employés, passed by a vote of 39 to a. House. - A few minor, bilis were passed, when a cali showed no quorum, and the house adjourned until Saturday. Senate. - Dec. 38. - At the close of the morning hour the Senate, onmotionof Mr.Edmunds, took up the bill reported by him from the committee on the judiciary to prevent government offleers and employés colleeting from or paying to each other money for politieal purposes After various attempts to vote the bill down were made, it was passed The Fitz John Porter case was taken up aud Mr. .Sewell made a speech in his favor. No final action was ti&en. Pexate - December 29. - Mr. Pendleton presented a memorial of the common council of Cincinnati, praying that the court of appeals for that district proposed by the pending bill be situated in Cincinnati. The bill to appMpriate $10.000 tor the erection oí a monument to Major General DcKalb, who fouglit in the revolution, was taken up and led to a brief debate. Mr. Hoar made a speech explanatory of its provisions and the necessity for such le'gislatlon. Mr. Morgan spoke agaiust the bill, and after f urther debate the bill went over. The Fitz John Porter bill then carne up as uniiuishcd business, and the galleries were crowded when Logan began his address thereon. He said be knew it was hard for senators to be rcquired to listen to protracted debate in reference to this question, but he deemed it his duty to oppose this measure. He proposed to discuss the proposition from the law and the facts. There would be no diffieultv in arriying at a correct brought into the case. This seemed to be the court of last resort. He denied the power of congress to review ths decisión of a court, but lic did not deny its power to restore Fitz John Porter to the army. The court of iuquiry was uulawfully constituted. If he had been summoned before it he would have shown the president liis sense of its unconstitutionality by refusing to appear before it. OIHittE. A VEBY BAD AFFAIK. Merriam A. Montgomcry, about 38 years old, shot bis two little childieu at Packardville,uear Amherst, Mass., instantly killing George, 0 years old, and probably fatally wounding Eva, i years. Montgomery had nöt lived with his wiie for eight months, leaving her through jealousy, and she made her home with her íather, Iloratio Marsh, a farmer. Montgomery visüed her familj and stayed several days. On the morning of the crime he asked his wife if she would live with him and she refused. He immediately went out to where the children were plavingand 6hot them. He then tried to shoot his wife and her father, but was ovcrpowered by the latter and kept in the house till the sheriff came. He was taken to Northampton, pleaded not guilty, and was sent to jail. Moutgomery does not drink, and says he does uot remember having committed the crime. The whole familv came f rom the west in the spring. and little is known of them. THE OAUSE. It is claimed that the diüiculty between Capt. Nutt and N. L. Dukes, member-elect of the legislatura, whlch resulted in Dukos shooting Nuttdeadat Uniontown, Pa., was the latter's refueal to marry Nutt's daughter after ruining her; great fears are entertained forMrs. Nutt's lifc and the daughter's reason; the feeliug against Dukes is very intense and there are hints of lynching. NEWS NOTES. UEDPATH ON IIIELAXD. In a lecture on Ireland, in the lecturc room of St. Bridgct's church, New York, beforc the eleventhward branchof the Parnell land league, James Redpath said: "I have been through Ireland and I have seen the peasants. They are not drunken and they are not lazy. In fact, I have never seen a more industrious people. I have seen Irish women busily knitting while they worki'd carrrylng turt. ït is enougn to make a sensible man swear to lioar them chargcd ivith lazineas. Irish peasants are not lawlees. [ see that Michael Davitt has said within a week that crime killed the land league. I thiuk it is time to spcak out about Michael Davitt. He has turnea traitor to Ireland. I stand by Chas. Stewart Parnell and the national league imtil the oppressive power of landlords is erusht-d and the sufferings of the fainished Irish people are relieved. SHEKMAN A ÜOMAXIST. The New York Sun says it U positively alleged that Gen. W. T. Sherman has recently been reeeivcd Into the Roman catholic church. The ceremony of the occasion was rather private. Mrs. Sherman has long been i. eatholic, hut the general bsealways been known as a ftee thinker. AN'OTHEK EXCITIXG KKEEZE. Jonathan E. Pierpont, for many years seeretary and treasurer of the Monroe county. New York savings bank, has resigned bis position. The reason for resignation causes muchsptculation. The directors say Pierpont's books and accounts are uil right. The Monroe county savings bank is a preferred creditor of the defunct city bank to the amount of $50,000. Mr. Pierpont is said to have been on Upton's paper to a largo amount. The savings bank has a large surplus and is sound beyond a;doubt. THE CREEK JNDIANS AT WAK. Advices from Muskogee, Iudian territorj-, on the26th said: "The ürst open hostilities of the Crcek Indian war occurred flfteen miles west of Ormulgee. A band of Checote's men, under Jim Larney, were goingwcst,when about 7 o'clock in the evening thi'V were attacked bv some 200 of Spichic's partisiics under coinnianil of Mekarochee. The fight raged for an hour, when Checote's men feil back, but kept up a running flght for ten miles. Bob Carr, Date Barrett and wife and a man nained Walsh are reported killed. The loss on the other pide i- not kuown. The whole country is rushing to arms. On reccipt of the news here a detaehment of forty United .States soldiere was ordcred to the scène and this morning they overtook and disarmed 150 of Checote'#men. This will be continued till all the men on both sides are disarmed. The Spichic men say they don't want to fight, but do want thelr rights and are anxious that a United States commissioncr should investígate and decide the matter bctweenthem and the opposing party. United States Agent Tuffts went to the scène of the trouble yesterday." PRESIDENT MAKI;G. An important and iuterestiug political eouference took place at Chicago a few evenings ago, but the lucts were not known for severil davs. Lcading republiean politicians and oiticu-hoiuers were presen lortne purpoee 01 diseussing pre6idential candidatos. It was génerally congtdered tlnit the deinocrats would nomínate McDonald, of Indiana. As narace Ukely to comebeloreiherepubUcan convention, Conkliog, Blalne, Artlmr, Windom, (raut and Logan were actively considcred. Robert Lincóln fuund nian.v warm supporters, bilt ltwas eonsidered he would be strongcr iu a future campalgn. After a careful analyBis it. was 'decidi-d tlial Senator F.ilnmnds, of Vermunt, and James Wilson, of lowa, would finake tho heads for a presidential ticket that the republicana could nomínate. VAIJ.EX TIIHOUOII. The ( 'hicogo democrats de:-iml Watterson to move ma LoulsvlUe ('mirier-Journal to that ciiv and he oftered $100,000 for admission to the associated presa there, but the oiïer was reand the project has fallen through. MIXXEMJTA SAVE!) Fl'.OM HAN'KKUPTCy. Through extraordiuary expenses inciiiTcd by the state oí Minni'soia aé a result oí the Cox Imptachmenf trial last winter and the building of the n;iw capítol, the general fundof the state has been licavilv overarWn. Althöugh there Is over $500,000 to credit of difEercnt funds in the treasurv, ii'.attcrs tjave reached a crisis. To imci ihc nccc-i.-ities of the case Raihray C'ommissloner Baker requested the managers of trunk linea connectlng at St. Paul to advance as mueh as they thought proper to relieve the treasury. The 3 per cent. tax on the gross earnings of the railwayá wijl uot bc due for some months, but Gen. Chandler, of the Milwaukee & St. Paul road, immediately responded vtth a check for $30,000, the St. Paul & iiuuui roau wiiu o,uuu, ana tne MannoDa road with $25,000, making in all $60,000. The Omaha and Northern Pacific roads will follow Buit. The state has thus been saved írom baukruptcy. DEATH ON JIATS. Forty clectric liglits in an extensivo Chicago clothing house suddenly ceased to burn the othcr cvening. The engine was found running rapidly as usual and the dynamo was working elegantly. The stenen of burning ílesh cama, up near the machiucry, but for some time its location eould not be traced. Finally, on looking under the dynamo, thorc stood á rat, one leg raised as if about to take another step, but motionless. The rat was dead and riveted to the spot. He had leaped first on one oí the copper conductora underneath, and in stepping on the other closed the circuit so that the entire eurrent from the forty-light Brush machine passed through his body and prevented its ascending above. FOKEIGS AFFAIRS. TO BE PKOSECUTED. g O'Brien, editor of the United Ireland, will be prosecuted by the English government for soditious libel. The last issue was all scizcd by the pólice. A PÜHMC CENSUIiE. The chainber of Freneh deputies lias adopted ;he bill granting subventions to public schools. During the discussion De Cassagnac was called io order and subsequently formally censured Dy the president of tjje chamber. TUE FAMINE IN IOELANJ). Official reports from Iceland indícate that the threatened familie is well upon them, aai urge contributions to relieve distress. THE VENALTIES. Sentences varying from one year's pólice surveillance to 20 years' banishmcut are imposed on S4 Egyptlaa political prisonors, ineluding Einin Bey, El Chemsy and 11 others previously Genteneed. Twclve of the richeet prisoners are ordered to deposit guarautees of $25,000 ná i'sser ainomits f or ïaithful observance of government orders. KIFUSED. The Russian governraent has ref used to grant :he eoncesskin aeked by Germán capitAlists for ;he construction oí a ráihvr.y frctra Breslaw to LodZ in Büseian Polantl. A (;i;EAÏ STATES5IAN GONE. G arabetta, the great French statesman died n P.i ris early on New Years morning. His death produeed profound sensation in foreign circlcs ui well as at home. His was one of the nost striking and brilliant careers in a country Urcady full of eminent men. Uis influenee upon the politieal life of Franco uo one can doubt, and that lus whole life made ior the velfareand progresa öl his country all studente of recent history will concede. BITS OF NEWS. Vennor is loosing his grip. He shoukln't )rophecy about Christmas weatber again ; had jetter deal with a luss eonspicuous day. Tlie Egyptian leaders have been publicly degraded from rank and sent to Ceylon. President Upton, of the suspended City bank of Rochester, N. Y., has given $30,000 bail to iwait action of the grand lury. Peaee negotiations betweeu Bolivia and Chili iave been broken off. A Montreal paper says Vandcrbilt bas an inerest in the Cauadian "Pacific railway. Gov. Ordway has left Washington satisfied Imt the southern half of Dakota will bc admitted after the holidays. There seems to be no trutli in the report of he New York Sun that Gen. Slierman has tiirned catholie. That distinguished gentleman denies the report. It looks as if erooked Upton is to be relieved of the legal responsibiliüesof his act in causing the Rochester bank to suspend by the power of money. It is alleged that #20,000 have so far been subscribed to get him out of the trouble. Heavy funds have been diseovered in the apiraicr's dopartmeut of the New York custom ïousc, in which prominent firms and officials are iinplicaled. Cholera is playing havoe among the Iow'a porkyrs, onc farmer near Anamosa loosing' 70 icuds h ithiu a few weeks. The pig iron manufacturera of the United States met at Pittsburg, Pa., and formed a . .,■ .1 . . L„_J.? -__A! nauonai piou'cuvL associsraon. M. Cn-vv i ill, and Gambetta's condition is agaiu reportcd critical. It is oflicially eonfirmed tliat the Vatican has signod a convention with Rust-iu. The money order exchange system bBtweÍD United States and Belgium has taken effect. No abatement in the flood along the Rhine. Part of the city of Worms has been submerged owing to the bursting of a dyke. The fondón Times says it is understood tliat Zululand will be divided, in order to provlde l'or the pëople wiio are adverse to Cetewayo. Uaring the year 1883 the United States mints colned an aggregate of $27,000,000 from silver bullion imrehascd bvtheeoVernment.


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