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FRED SORG, DwJarhi PAINTS, OILS, VÁRNISHEH BHUSHES. WINDOW QLASS, And all Palnton' Supplies of tho Bert Qualit SHOP AND STORE 26 and 28 East Washington ist. ANN ARBOa - MICMiaAM , L - , g ZIZ W IBiNNÉIHÉMÉflHfi 8 -. - lsgT- - - - " 3 w 5 EBERBACH&SON Dealers in Drugs, Medicines And a fin lot of French Hair Brushes AND Ene;lish ToothiBrushes. We cali special attention to our stock of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, AND Pure Chemicals of our own importation. A full line of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At list prieos. STTJIDEIsTT S Are cordially inrited to examine our stock as qnalityand prices. EBERBACH & SON. JCJ ■ flip wt á$ti jTiÊ rf?tftf j jt ji PRINCIPAL+LINE ïgTlie SHORTKSÏ, (UICKKST and And allsijBKST line to St. Joseph, polnts in IowajAtcli!oD,Topeka,DenlNebra6ka,Misourl,Kun'"Lgys8on, Dallas, Galaas, New Mexico, Arlzona, Mwïx.jsTeiton, tana and Texas. 2" O III O AOO ■""TtaRÖutetiaanosupTrlorforAlbert „ , rsJSs.J-ea, Minneapoll and St. Paul. all clmei of travel. -gJv KANSAS CITY All connectiona made Y r NXfJV In Union SXS'S x2rfXDepou S&Ss Through í%f.Jov' "nV., Tickets yta thlsTr r tníl i0" wl" Celebrated Line tSLfíyc ni travellng a sale at all offices nOp luxury, lnstead th U. 8. "ivSy. of a d1"" Canada. vCCv AllSSÍIVSw comfort. TvV)v'nfOTmtl0nNrOv yS1"' Bate of xTyfcS. Va'' Fare, Sleeplng Cars, fXa V X etc, cheerfully given Ly v . T. I POTTER. rEKCEVAL LOWELL, Sd Mee Pretft Gen'l Manager, Oen. Pau. Agt, Chicatrn. 111. GhloaCO, III. GENUINE MILWAUKEE i i m s Ie 111 es O B ñmi LAGER BEERSDEP01. 75,000 Bottles Sold per Year. 'C ♦ TOfl Per day at home. Samplen O 10 JU worth$5free. Address StlnBon Oo., Portland Maine. Ú flEiTiniflI .nd PLATFORM FAMILY fil.SO. DtlSc.lC,-,Olii'llO.


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