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ÍAlyon&healy} Stata & Monroe Sts.. Chicago. AjáÉ BAND CATALOGUE, %-dV Tor 163, ;-00 w, ll) Ku((rvii,)p1 "ÍTfc OÍ irutrutnauts, Soili, Capa, IUIU,k JA l'omjn), Epantets, Cap-L&iiipa. M tand. Dram Major SUfü, and IXW Uní,,, Sundry Band Outtil, Kwb1a ƒ ƒ i' MieriIs, al-o Ineludtf lmlructlon and ifiW ;rria f. AranUor llioil oJ a CklogT"m f Cbolc Uaud Mu te DO YÖiï TAKE a"C0UÑTY PAPER ? II! net, and you are about to subscribe for on we invite your attention to the Al ARBOR DEMOCRAT ! And respectfully inform you that St is the People's Paper. IT PVBLISIIES FULL KEPOHTS OF ALL IMPORTANT EVENTS In Washtenaw county. It Rives a concisa and intere8tiii(í suminary of THE WORLDS NEWS, Foreign, American, Congressional, WKSiern and Northern. It prints 1HE NEWS OF MICHIGAN, 53oUed down for brief readini;, and gives a fiii synopsis of the doiugs of the Legislature, It chronicles ALL THE IIAPPEN1NQS OFAXXAUBGR, The county Beat, giving full and ar-cu"ate reporM of the Circuit Court, Political Meetings, Farmers1 Clubs, Universily and Sohool Jlatters, Eto., Etc. IT IS FEARLESS In its denunclation of monopolies, and all other burdens thut weigh upon the People; and showa up all frauds regaraless of uu it hits. It publishes A aOOD S10RY Every week, and has interestinf artieles for the young. i?S-Itt Price is $1. Per Ycar, in Advance, And is regarded by its subscribers as too valuable toloan; sodon'ttryto borrow. We invite your attention to gome of the many complimentarr ihingsthatarebeingsaidof The Dkmocrat"It evinces slirewdness, push and ability "- Lanstng Journal. 'It is making friends eve day. It is a wnconducted and readable Jieet."- Pontiae BOL Posttr. 'A,.!?ry enterprisin?, nide-awake local jour w}DLSZ and 6ood -""- "It is a live spicy newspaper, and a valuable addition to the journalist ie list of Washtenaw Tecumseh Herald. "EditoriaUy, locally and typographlcally it I one of the flnest looking papers that ever came üito this offlce."-Derroit Evenina A'cic.r. "The Dkmocrat abounds in able and vieorous editoals, a great variety of local Information and ínteresting general news and miscellanemm matter. "-Jackson Patriot. "u 'THE DEMOCRAT" U Publlshed Everr Thursdoy Mc.rnins.


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