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Thoso who attcnded tha annual prize oonteet of the class in rhetoiioa' elociition at the opera house, Tuesday eveuing were well repaid, and the young ladiee and gentlemen, members of the high school, without an exception, acquitted themselvea with honor. At the olose of the entertainment the committee of award, Prof. Winchell, Mrs. Eliza K. Sunderland, and the Rev. Wyllys Hall, were invited to the stage, and after eonsultatisn Prof Winchell, who acted as spokesman, said that every speaker had fully demonstrated the fact that the people of Ann Arbor were under many obligations to Prof. Douglas for the work he had already accomplished in the high school. The oommittee said the professor was placed in a very embarassing position, from the fact that everyone of the speakers had done exceedingly well, and while some would probably say to themselves that they should have received a prize, the committee had come to the conclusiĆ³n by a majority vote that Marie Louise Taylor.wasentitled tothe flrst premium; Elsie Jones, second, and John Hadloy Patterson, third premium, consisting of $20, $10 and $10 in gold. Prof. Wincbell further stated t-hat in the judgment of the committe had a fourtli premium been offered, Harriet Eliznbeth Strickland hadfairlyearned it. In accordance with these reccommendations, and at the request of Prof. Dong] as. those who had been awarded prizes stepped forward to the stage.and graeefully bowed their acknowledgments as the money was placed in their hand-. Miss Strickland is also to receive $10. The speaking was intersperced with music by the city band orchestra. It certainly must be gratiying to Prof. Douglas to know that under his instruction his pupils have made stich headway in the art of elocution.


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