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Frazer Alle Greasc Is best lu the woriti. Frazer Axie Orease is best in ttao world. Frater Axle Orease is best in theworlfl Mr. Burnctt, hueband of the novelist, is a clerk in the Surgeon General's office in Washington. lf any of the readers of this paper are growing deaf, let theiu get at once a feottle of Johnson1 s Anodync Liniment Rub well behind tbo ears and put a lit tle into the earwith a feather. Mr. Wm. D. Howells will return to the Uuited States in August. "Th Dead Line." Many old soldiers remeniber "the ilcad liuc" at Ander6onvllle. It was a migbty dangerou6 neighborhood. Dyspepsia, biliousness, and liver and klducy diseaees are fuH of pcrils for the sick, but Bnrdock Blootl Bitters are a eertatn romcdy. Sold everywherc. The Russlan army bas todeiend anemplrr of S,(K)O,(XX1 square miles. Tiorth Polc Expeditions, Prizefights, lotteries, walking matches, and bal loon ascenstonB are usually humbugs oL the worst eort. Dr. Tlioniax' Edectric OU Is üot a humbup. It is a quick cure for aehes and sprains and is just as good for a lameness. Vhittier Hkes to camp out by the sea. Hcar IHm. "Ifed nao. I was affiicted with siek lieadache and general deblllty, but Burdoek Blood Bitter brought about an immediate improvement In general bealth. I consider them the bestfamlly medlcliifi in the market." Adolpli Lalloz, Buffalo, N. Y. Newr Mexico's wool production last year ainounted to 30,000,000 pounds. It would seem that the comnionest Kind of common. sense ought to prevent a man from buying trash, simply becauso he can get a big pack for 25 cents. Shcridan's Cavalry Condüion Powders are strictly pure, and are worth a barrel of such stuft". Tho dirt scraper can be profiíably used in making open ditches throngh low lamds. Farmington, III.- Dr. M. T. Gamble 6aye: "I prescribe Brown's Iron Bitters in my prac tice aud it gives satisfactlon It is eaid tbat the income of Senator Joseph E. Brown, of Georgia is $1,000 a day. It comes mainly frora iron and coal. ■■■111. BHostetter's Stom #%fï Bípfc ach Bitters meet the ■ lll fci-i fcllrequLrnients of the m#TöUBSTM "Hi-ational medical " I mJí philosophy whiehat tflR -ri. embracing the thrce k. CTHMieHU.I' salut'or change in ■-Olljn the. entire pyesem. QITTE KP Dn?gKl8tïnfical m. I ■(' ersüenernllr.


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