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Angry Afghans

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It is reported irora Cabal tliat Isa Khan, Bnpported by Russian allles, haa riaen against Abdullah Klian. 1I; marened upon Khunn Iad aad selzed the treasure there, valued at L1.030,01)0 sterling, belonging to tlie Amecr of Ughanlstan. The politica! ditilculties of Cashgaria are becoming aerioufl, and i nenta of troopi are golog northwards. Abdullali Khan Is the governor of Kunduz, ,he extreme northern provlnee ofAfghanfurkestan. The town of Kliaiui-I-Had Is sltuited about 60 miles soulli of the river Oxus, which river eeparatea it from the Ruaslan pro:ected state ol Uoklmra. K.hana-1-Bad was the ueadquurters of the present ameor of Afghanstan bcforc he was summoncd to the throne, and thereat took place the negotiations between the ameer and British offlears French troop3 are dying by the score daily in Tonquin. An explosión occurred in a powder mili near Lucca, Italy, resultiug In the death oL twelve men. Official reports state tuat over 8,C03 persons were killed by the recent earthquakes in the Cashmere Valley. The seals of office were formally transferred [rom Gladstone to Salisbury the uay folloving the foimation of the new cabinet. Cholera continúes its dreadful ravages iu the Spanish provinces. Hundreds are dying daily. About oue-half of the cases prove fatal. The Russian governmeut has issucd an or der forbiddlng the neivspapers to make any referenee whatcver to the action of Russia in Afghan affairs. An American who recently baésod through a towu in Asiatic Russiaontho lilai-k sea saya that many gun factories are in operation tbere, under sucb nanies liospitals, isylums, etc. Charles Warner Adams and Miss Mildred Uoleridge, daughter ot the lord chief juetlce of England, were" marrted recent'y. Lord Coleride was aslced by his daughter jo attend the wedding, but rcfumd. The marquis of Salisbury bas telegraphed Gen. Wolseley in Egypl that heisinfull sympathy with his views rêgardlng the withdrawal oí the Brilwli troops from the Soudan, but that thegovernment is unable, f or various reasons, to continue he expedltion.


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