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An oyeless chicken is on exhibition atNow Orleans. Oaxaoa, Mexico, has .$116,000 in her stato trcasury. Abullet travels a milo in three and tvvo-toiiths seconds. Ipswiob voted 85,000 bonds for its artesian well almost unaniniously. Tho Germans are now making ! cate watoh whcels from paper pulp. The board of health is making war j on the carp ponds inScuth (Carolina. Hydo county, organized bilt a j'ear ago, has suuccoded in creating a debt ! of $9,000. Suniuier cottages in chrorue yellovv ! will vie with tho tawny sea-sauds tbis : season. Making envelónos out of straw pa■ per is a new and flourishing industrv in lreland. Penjdoh is aecurately written and pronounccd Pnnjdeh, aud niesns "fivo viliagcs. " Tlie numbcr of letters posted in the world each ycar averages about .r2,000,000,000.' The wne tree, saya an authoritv, serves as a refago fir inore than -100 species of inoeta. It is olalmed that tfaere aro 126,000 republioati voten in Tcnnessoo, lo 135,000 democrats. Tho cost of each saloon to the city of lndianpolis last year was $103, and the 1 ícense only .$52. The governor of Oaxaca, Mexico, is distribuiing by thousands lext-booka in the public schools. Tho base ball ;lubs of tuis conntry, it is estimated, will cost tho people $10,000,000 this year. Tliirteeu hanjdrod ncw buildings, j worth about 14,000,000, were erected in Washington last yoiir Fresno, Marysvilli;, and Sau José, Cal., wero visited by an aarthquak shock Saturday, April 1. A farm-horse at Samter City, Ga., takes his foddcr to the water trough and wets it before eating. The shipincut of cigars from Key West, weekly. amount to 1,500,000, with an increasing tendenoy. Some genius has invented a tishiug rod that registers the preciso numbor and weight of the lishes caught. Mexican soldiers are said to be of all shades of color, ranging from neariy a pure wliilo lo i perfect black. A novelty in ice-pitchers is onn which tbrows forth a stream of water when a spring at the top is pressed. A real-estáte owner in San Francisco adds ro his largo income from that 8ource by peddling fruit about the city. A wealthy timber merchant has liad his coat-of-arins painted on his carriage with the Latiu motto "Vidi" - I saw. Goal miuing machines capablo of doing tho work of twenty men are j bcing introduced in the Panhandle mines. The pyrometer, au instrument in j which heat is measured bv the sion of motáis, will accurately rueasure heat up to 7,000 degrees. Every penitentiary in ïexas is provided witli a kennel of threo or inore lierce bloodhounds for tlie purposo of hunting and oapturing eseaped prisoners. A train composed of two car.s of gold bullion, three cars of silver, eight cars of silk aud four cars of tea, is on its way easi from California and Colirado. An iron car-wheel will travel about 40,000 miles. A steel tire will run 200,000 miles, costing two and a half times as muoh and running more than four times as long as an iron wheel. V. H. Wood, of New York city, recently caught on the gul f coast of Florida a tarpon weighing 111 pounds. The tackle used was the ordinary rod, recl, and lino oinployed by bass tishers on tho Atlantic coast, and the feat ranks without a known parallel. An enterprisiug maD, who wishodito be able to announce the lirst sign of spring placed a twig on which was a cocoon of a oaterpillar near tho stove for a week or two. The butterfly was hatched in the month of March aud exhibited as tho Stat harbinger of spring." A Philadelphia minister has even exceeded Mr. GitVord's denunciation of pleasure. He condemns not only skating-rinks aud theaters, bat all church fairs and festivals, and says: "It's a shamo that whenever money has to be raised for church purposes some people think it can't be done unless they must have a little fun over it." Tho tunneling of Tuscarora mountain, in Fulton county. l'ennsylvania, is a gigantic work. Drills . propelled by compressed air are in operation on each end of the tunnel night and day. The tunnel is already bored 1,200 feet on the west side and 1,300 on the east. As tho mountaiu is oalculated to be just one mile through the boring is now half conipleted. An eflbrt has recently been made to measure the diniensions and speed of deep-sea wn.ves with markel success. The longcst wave recerded measureu a half-mile from crest to crest, with a period of t wenty-threc seconds. Waves having a ltmoth of live huudred to six hiindred feet and periods of ten to twelve seconds are the ordinary storm waves of the north Attantic ocean. It is uot genorally kuown that Vermont has a gold mine. It is called the "Rooks," and is located at Plymouth. From annnal reiiort it appears that the mine producod from September, 1888, to January, 1885, $68,070 iu gold, aud paid four dividends aggregating $46,000, the yield varying between .$38 88 and $50 59; while the cost declined $10 15 to $7 20 per ton for mining and milling. A colered preacher in tho outskirts of Columbia, S. C, notified hiscongregation on a recent Sunday that he would not preach till he had $5. The hat was passed round, and when returns wero made $3.50 was in the pot, whereupon the preacher said he must have $1.50 moro before he would preach. The hat was passed arouiul the second time, and the $ö made up, when the coDgregation was treated to one of the best eflorts of the thrifty pastor. From recent surveys it has been ascertained that tho entiro city of Virginia, Nevada, has moved over thirty inches to the east since the big lire of 1876. The Maynard block, in Golden Hill, is known to be gradually sliding i down in the direction of Gold canyon, I and has moved nearly two feet sinco its orection. This movement is so gradual that it does not affect in any manner the safety of the building, as the ground to the dopth of noarly ono j hundred feet to tho bed rock is knoivn ■ to be continually slidingl It is awellknown fact among practical minors that the ground on which Virginia City is built is what is tormcd a slide, ; and that it is necessary to aink nearly one hundred feet before iinding the ! natural bed rock. These slides are : caused by tho constant crumbling of the rocks on the mountain sidos. The debriá thus accumulated through incalculable ages is conslantly gravitating downward, and in a few hundred thousands of years what is known as the site of Virginia City will be nothing but barren bed rock. Why ia an isc.iping prisoner Uke a musicai


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