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Pastry Without Butter

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Tbe American pie bas been snbjeoted ;ö more unjust abuse f rom fo reigen writers than any other of our distmetive Droducts, if we except the recent tirade against the American hog. And yet we cannotsay tb at ït lias been altogether undtserved, beoause of the villianous öompound, thick, hard and heavy, that is too ofteu made to doduty as a "crust," md which by courtesy ie called "pastry." Light tender, üaky. and digestible. piecrust i and all. kinds of pastry can be made most readily by the use of Koyal Baking Powder without any butter, pr with half the usual pbrtibn, if prëferred, or with a small quantity of 'lrd or other shortening as desired. Re-crust thus made ís muoh more wholesóme and digestible, beaides bèing more economical md èasier prepared: In addition tö Bav n all the butter if deoired, one-third Jle floúr is also dispeosed with, as thé crust is rolled that much thinner, the eavening qualities of the Koyal Baking Powder swelling it to the requisite thick - iesa If dnppings öf - lárd be used, the tioyal Baking I'owder removes any un jleasant taste, rendering the rust as ihort, sweet and pleasant as if made frota the finest butter. ïhose who .know the appetizing qualities of the genuino homenade American pie wilj rejoice that bj the 8id of Boyal Baking.. i?pwder in the pastry it can be aiade quitó as digestible as it is delieipus.


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