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Plague Stricken Plymouth

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itocbester (N. T.) Correspondeuce Indianapolis Bentlnel. "Judice," said a voung lawyer to avery ! ;essful senior, "te'A ine the secret oí yonr unl'orm suceess at the bar." "Ah, young man, tbat secret Is a lifc stady, jut I "will give il to yon on condition that, rou pay all mv bilis diiring tbis scssion of :ourt." "Apreed, air," sald the junior. "Evidincc, indisputuMc evid'nee." At the end of thi? tnoath the judge remlnded the yoang man of bis promise. "I recall no sueh promise." "Ah. but voa mode it." "Tour evidente, jilease'" And the jude, not having any witnessei, lost a case for once. The man who can produce Indisputable evidenee wins public favor. I had an interview vesterday with the most successful r.f American advertisers, whose avertising is most successful bccau3e always bac ed by evidenee. "What srtyfoa of adrertisinp; do you use?'' I asked H. f?. Warner, Esq. "Display, reading matter and paragraph8 of testimoniáis." "Have yon many testimoniáis?" In be showed me a largo cabinet choek f uil. "We have enough to liil Poston, New Yor '■■, Chicago, 6t Louis and rhiladelphla morning papers." "Do you rublish mnny of them?"' "Not a title. v onder ui as are those wc ao pnUisb, we have thousands like tliem wliieh we cannot use. "Wby not?' Let me teil you. 'Warner's safe cure' has proba My 'een the most successfnl medicine for female disorders ever discovered We have testimoniáis from ladied of tho highest rank, but it would be indelioate to publish them. Likewise many statesmea, lawyers, elergymcn, doctors of world-wide fame bare been cured, but we can only refer to sueli persons in the most guarded terms, as we do in our reading articles." "Are these reading articles successful?" "When read they make such an impression tliat when the 'eul days' of ill bealth draw nigh they are remembered, ind Warner's safe cure is used." "No. sir, it is not necessary now, as it fitst, to do such constant and extensive idvertising. meritoriotu medicine sells tself after its merits are known. We jresent just evidenee enou h to disarm (kepticanl to impress the merits of ;he remedies upon new consumers. We :eel it to be our duty to do this. Henee, Dest to accomplish onr mission of healng the sick, we have to use the reading irtiele stv'e Peop!e won't read plain stimonials." "Yes, si thousands admit that had Ihey not learned of Warner's safe c re through this clever sty'e they would still be ailing and still impoverishing themseives in fees to unsuccessful 'rractitioners.' It would do your soul good to read the letters of thanksgivin-i we get f om mothers grateful for the p erf et success which attend Warner's safe cure when uscd for children, and the surpnsed gratiheation with whicn men and women of oidor years and irapaired vigor, testify to the youthful feelings restored to theni by the same means " "Are those gooi effeets permanent?" "Of all the cases of kidney, llver, urinary and female dise ses we have cured, not two per cent of them report a return of thcir disorders Who else can sho v such a ree rd?" "What is the secret of Warner's safe cure permanent]}7 reaching so many serious disorders?" "I will explain by an illustration: The little town of Plymouth, Pa., has heen plague-stricken for several montln because its water supply was carelessly poiso - ed The kidneys and liver are tlie sources of physical well-belng. ' If polluted by diseasa, all the blood becomes poisoned and every organ is affected and this great danger threatens ev ry one who neglects to troat himself promptly. I was nearly dead nivself of extreme kidney disease, but wnat is now Warner's safe cure cured me, and I know it is the only remedy in the world that can cure such disorders for I tried everything else 'n vain. Cured by it myself, i bou rht it and, from a sense of duty, presented it to the world. Only by restoring the kidneys and liver can disease leave the blood and fystem." A celebrated sanitarian physician once said to me: "The secret of the wonderful succes of Warner's safe cure is that it is sovereign over kidney, liver and urinary diseases, whioh primarily or secondarily make up the major ty of human ailments. Like all great discoveries it is remarkably simple." The house of H. H. 'Warner & Co., stands deservedly high in Ro hester, and -'t is certainly matter of congratulation that merit has been reconized all over the world, and that this success has been unqualifiedlv deserved.


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