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A Loving But Foolish Father

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"Mv dear, saia a non iauier u nis only daughter, a very fashionable girl, you aro about to bo nuuriod, and I want to talk to yon serioiisly." 'Yes, papa," suo said. so:vtin; herself on his knec. Georgo is a very worthy youns: man. and abundantly ablc to talce caro of you. but this is :i vcry micertain world. Misfortuncs ruay" como whon you least expect them, and it bchooves us to bo reauy to mcot them with a bravo and oheerfol hoart. If throuzh some chanco, your husband shoukl loso his fortune, and bo roduced to vcry hurable circnmstancoa, do you thlnk that you could aocept tbo now order ol tnlngs and help kim as a truo wife shonld?" "How can you ask such a question, you foolish pa, when you know how I adoro George?" "That is vcry wcll," tho oíd raau continucd, -'but could you, oducatod 10 a lifo of luxury as you bave l)con, rosolutely put a.sido the; past and dovote yoursclf to household duties, such as oookintT, and mendiog, and marketlns, and- and swooping, and all that sort of thing?" "What a (oobah, süly papa yon ave, to be sure," replied flio girl, playfully tapping the bald spot on liis head. "and how ridiculously you t:lk! Wliy, the scrvants would attoiid to all theso matters!"


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