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Fatal Accident

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At a few minutes after 4 o'clock, Sunday morning the sleepers in the vicinity of the corner of Ann and Fourth streets were awakened by a rumbling and crash followod by very earneBt outcries for help. Wm. Caspary, who oocupiew the corner sto ;e of Ann and Fourth streets, being awaked by the unusual tumult, hurriedly dressed himself and followed the sounds of distress which were growmorfi and more in earnest, and came upon a mass of ruins in the rear of P. Brennan's shoe shop, on Fourth street, which the day before had been a twostory briok building about 18x20 feet in size, with cellar. With the assistance of a few others similarily aroused from their slumbers, portions of rooting, joists, splintered partitions, bricks, etc, were throwu aside, and from the debris were rescned William Bibbins, wife and four children, E. S. Crawford and Ben Williams, all colored, who occupied the upper floor and consequently were on top of the wreek. On the lower floor were sleeping Únele John N. Bailey and wife, and Keuben Tolbert, also colored, whose cries could be heard from the depths below, and to whose rescue the party hurried. Proceeding through the shoe shop a hole was cut through the back partition, whioh had withstood the strain of the collapse, and Uncle John and Buelieu woio lrigol ut nearly 0689 with fright but uninjured. Bailey's wife still remained in the ruins and the party, ascertaining the looality of her bed, found it to be buned in tons of brick and mortar. The unfortunate old woman was found upon her face in the bed and upon being moved gave one scream and was dead. The accident occurreu immediately after the heavy rain on Sunday night, which probably caused the sudden col lapso by loosening the stone foundation on the north Bide of the buiding, allowing the brick which had rested there, to slide into the cellar. This dilapidated oíd shell adjoined a number of others which have stood right there from time immemorial, and which will continue to stand there until doornsday, unless they fall. But it is a crime for the authorities to allow these rickety old hulks to endanger life, as this fatal accident proves them to do. Thomas J. summoned a jury, composed of A. V. Eobihson, Aretus Dunn, Moses Seabolt, W. Allaby, E. H. Clark and G. Luick, who retiirned a verdict that Mrs Bailey came to her death by being crushed under the walls of a building owned by Airs. P. Brennan, but totJTfocsftfflJi,vils'BttenHè3n'ötin&i tno Afinante three weeks before that if they remaiued in the building it was at their own risk. The jury also recommended that the common council appoint a building cummittee to inspect all buildings in the city deemed unsafe.


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