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Blind Hate

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When the Baltimore udc! Ohio railroad was being laid across the Blue Ridge, a frightlul battle occurred between two largegangsof Insh laborers. Several men were killed, and many others were wounded. When sonie of thesurviving ringleadeva werebrought into court, the first witness was asked,- ' "What was t'je cause of the difficulty?" "An' it plaze yer honor, an' there was none. We just met, an' saw, as we wov Corkouians an' they wor Fardowsere, an' at it we went widout a wurred." "How long have theCorkoniansand Fardowners been at war?" "Some hundred of y ears, yer honor." "What was the fint cause of disagreement?" "De'il a man alivd ever knew that, ver honor." The venerable judge rose to his feet. "Do you mean to say that you have been nmrdering each other for centurries, and do not l:now the reason why?" "Jes' so, yer honor," carne wïtb readiness from both clan. Blind, canseless hate is more of ten a motive with men than they supposë. west and south at war with each other, and the members of eaeh family pursue those of each other with sueh relentless fury that every man in each for generations lias, . to use the expressive phrase common in such cases, "died in his boots." The oi-iginal cause of these feuds was probably a quarrel at a dance, an nntair trade in mules, a displaj' at whist - a, hundred yearsago. For this long-forgotten trifle one young beautiful life lifter anotber hns been sacrifieed, by brutal morder, and the condition of two families is reduced tp utter ruin.


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