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Real Estate Transfers

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Joe C. Demosh to Thos. Phillips, Ypsilant city, $4,000. Thos. Phillips to Jos. C. Demosh, Ypsilanti, $1,000. Thos. Phillips to Job. C. Demosh, Ypsilanti, $3,000. Tamer S. Elliott to Ann Belding, Ann Arbor city, f 1,800. W. O. Carson to L J. James, Ann Arbor, $2,500. Geo. Bilhngton to Sarah K Billingon, Ypsilanti, 31,000. Seeley E. Davis, to Qeo. A. Da vis, Augusta, $1,600. W. W. Niohols to Chas. Howell, Ann Arbor, $700. Jno Naylor to Martin Naylor, Northfield, $1,500. Artemus Haviland to O. J. Jones, Ypilanti, 83,500. w. uouiiurson to B, G. Hawker, Augusta, $1,000. Geo. Woeokel to Chas. F. Burtoh, Lima, $1,690. Jno. P. Kelly to Geo. C. Moore, Augusta, $2,000. Jno. A. Nichols to H. A. & H. F. Nichls, Ann Arbor, $600. Jno. A. H. A. & H. F. Nichls, Ann Arbor, 81,200. The same to same, Ann Arbor, 8400. Oscar L. Steffey to Wallace S. Draper, Ypsilanti, 81,600. A. C. fe A. Haviland to Jos. Fowler, Ypsilanti, 8850, Elizabeth Beaubiean to Warren A. Voolsey et al, Ypsilauti, 81,400 . Chas. Wheeler to Alice J. Knowlton, Ypsilanti, $1,800. H. A. Nichols to Jas. A. Robicon, Ann Arbor, $400. Jas M. Nichols to Valmore C. Nichols, Pittsfield, 0,000. Sheldon (.'. Birch to Gottfried Baur, Salem, $1,050. Margaret Schueider to Gottlieb C. Manu, Freedom, $800. O. ri-; lu .T Hl.„il. ,Miu. ohestor village, $550. Sarajl L. Hoy to Willis G. Hoy, Manchester villatre, $950. Fraukliu Spafford te Albert Case, Manchester village, 8500. Il is not the owuership of an aocordiu liat conHtituti'H a crime, ït'a the Rct of miv jnii on it. A boy oan pull four time more weigkt n boys on a sled than he can in ooal rom the baok yard. The boarder who was agreealily surrised to tind hin steak inünitely more .tinder than usual, met with another surprise not so ayreeuble when be found lint. his new kangaroo shoes were gone.