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Golden Threads. The cliillini biasts of winter withcr the i fiowcrs and thcy fall. So (oej it affect the human famlly, r.nd If Drecautlonary mensures :11c not ta il. beine chi..fd ' '■■", ", "' . . ■;, Kisf.' iicmedy 01 Sc-t . 11111 ui. d Muile 11 will cure cougus, coids and comumptlon. OÍ a si_ht conga or ccld. !i ïaylor's Clierokeè Kcimdv of KwoefGtm and Mullein is taken n time it wil] prevtait any evil resulta. It cures eoughs, colds and consumption. The Old Graadmotber. Wlicn ca lul to the bedside of the llttle oue suffering wltb tbat nlgbt-Cend to clii:dieu and horror to pan ata, cboi p, the o'.dgrandrrjother ueoJ to secd for ii.u.lcin and make a tea and at ones relie 'Cit - made uto a tea now and I roM.b.iuil w tu aweetgnm it presenta InTaylor' Cber kee Uemedy oí Sweet Gum and Mnlleln a ))leasant and effectlve eure ior C'r,up, Cou;h. Culds and Consumpt.oa. S( ld I).. all druglsts. A good housi keeper- A watch foi. ■ "Bougbon ttats" cicurs om Itata. Mioc. 150. Mrs. -Iiii! c takes ín u.o Si ons. "Bongh on ui na" hard or of 1 coras, banton 15c Gray ha r i mor I oaton thiu ever. i "Bongo oñ i ■ 13c. Aue.ralia is tü ala. vv.íy 1 pan uTly. hüUOH OB ITCfl." 'Iioui-limiitcii," careBKlu hamon, croptlou. ring worm, u Itrr, II rlieilOI. llnlr.l H-'.-E, C'ililO laillS Ucl), i ■■ jar. i EtïlllMlirllt.j i::ivi.l I !.'■ - ÜUiutt Oii ULES Curca piles or homorrholda, Itchlng, nrotrudlnv bleeding, Interual or other. iutcni] au.i eiterua in c:..-'. ti-ck-rr" -Sun; i-iirp. .Vlc. DruBlsu, Sprint; bon will bae n.o:e trimmings ttau laa yiar, hut ftwer ornamenta. I IIUIIUIU OilUtl,soku„i,,;ni, Best fccheapesí rhe Bhnplest rnJ best regulator of tfco Dis (irdeicil LiVer in the worlu, are Carter's Littlc Lh er Pilis, 'i liey pivc prompt relief in S ck Headache, Dlzzlness, Nausea, i;r. ; prevent and cure (.onstl pation and Files; remove Sallow1 ness and lrfinplea from the Complexiom, and are mild and gentle in their operation on the bowels. Larter'B Llttle Liver Hlls are email and as easy to tukc a Sngar. One l'ill a (lose. l'rice Ü5 cents. BURNS nfl Pealda ro injtantly reudcred pamlesa, and Invariably cured without a sciir, by the use of Cluvoliailve. thé grt;at ekin remedy. S5 andSO ceats, at D:.'i;isUor by mail. C'olo Jfc Co„ Black lllver l''!ls. Wit.


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