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Hood's Sarsaparilla

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Humors in the Blood Often manifest tbenuelves lo (fae gpring moirhi. Scroicla .n.i:s In the blood of'ncsrly evcry onc, Eruptlons such os iihe=. pimples and lo'li. m!c bctag ore i .Interited. lts severest form ! thot i.f _ , . mnriii! fi-u1 ; nn ilie arm. Ucs or fft't. lïunches In rheum, scrofnla, er othr affcctlons nisi b nn,, , . ,, , .. „ ,,:,,,! [yBKKTÍ "' ' ' ■■"■■■"""""■ r"l K .., , „„o... f, J in., L-sapar 1 ;, It , urn' es, tlfcuúei ld énrlOic. the '0Uei1 J11 " " !,'"?? ln u' lhl' "P"01' 1") "r btood! , reste. , n ap] om,, r m , the and ilves "";".■„„,.,■, . H od-sSm.Mrl. . bs had wonder roacwe ar Egih to tW wbcM body. Try ttl eicel' '" r," " " '■ '!S "f " "', , i"8 " C"" lani spwi 1 m dtalne and blood purfflcr. " c";c! ""' "":; "r lNta the lll"" ""■ Klves " m'w vl tsllty and rlcbnei. Boils and Pimplei Sweiüngs in the Neck "Forscv. ralycarsl had mmplss breaklng oct cnmy .loseih Dttniby, 2M, 1 entn 1 BlreM, L01 e '. Msss., face ,a id iicck. I siinduced totakc nccd'sSsraapahadewellllg nudlnmps on bil : cc ; and face, Tvhlcb rUla, and myskln is now cleoier and I am iulnï rroua i:.. i mer.t and p Iclte isQee botterthanfcrwjme ü.ü.Mihk hief, gi ](■!! (ostöp, A eLoima e, wloso wll ia: lee.i cure 01 st., v.cvsiand, O. , „,, 1 ,. . ., m ,y Hooi1) SareararlJr, iecon 'Pint e wi:re Irenklnf; O t uil ;ver 11 y face, eails"d meiulfd ihr mei 'e t', hji.: he bought a lotlle. In by smoking olgareti 8. 1 was ixlvi. d by m; ing t tbrie days llicrowii a ohane lo ;l e ernptioni, and 10 iry Hood'a Earamrllla and ú 1 ,,, .-.,,; all Bvetotileic mp'.e:e cnie, le.tTl.ig tLe akli traces cf the 1 Emplfs a e dlSapptar d."--J. c 1atmootb and fair. S Cnloa St.,, Ct .j,,M cd wlíb bolla. Twobottlei "I 8Uffcrcd wlth bolls ftve ycars. UoodfsSftrfa :i la of II od's Sai eam ril ;. enred me, r.nii I ;o.o:nnxnd 11 ctir.d me."- If. -M I.a.e Pittsburgh, Pa. hkhIuts. "--.'.■ i'.. i',Pew:a, 111. ?-'íl vimí"1'"' iittía iredoaJyb S"l l n mi ■ .-. 'I:xíorI. Preparad njj C. I. 110ÜD& IO., Aiiot:ncai!i-. I " ly , I. F.'O l . I ., , ■ i.cí'.ii .-. I.uv, ell, Mi t, Ï00 Dones One Dallar, 100 foses ne tallar.


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