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Jefferson Davis On The Labor Question

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The toliowing letter froni ex-President jeilprson travis, or uic acruuci ruuiticrn tederacy, to li. W. l'opeof ..arsbai), Tex., in wblcb Mr. Davis givcs his views as 10 wbat egisiation niiglit ie adoptcd to brini about j bai'OQOU) :'.ni uuity oí action between capital and laji.r, has just been made public: bEAUVoia. üiss., harctaÜT, líSO. The Ilon. II. W. l'onc. MyDeabSik - tully appreeiatiug tl;c compliment coaveyed bv jour requvst lor niy views . as to ivhat IeLl8latlon 111114IH ui? ndopteif u ! jUst tlu: outiict uow goiBE 011 bctwecii capital tti.d labor, L regret tliat Ihe eompllim-ut is so little 1: crrltod. The oUI, olil war belween capital and lauor has called lorth best 111ellecta ol Kuropc. It has dlsturbcd 1 mere ■, overthiown coveininunts, prouuccU auarchy and crept from the wreek wil. .out so'.vin; tbe proiilein. With us the contest is in It Inclpient state auJ haij . i 1 y it 11. av hu that Eometiiinji can be ilonc 10 cbeek lts rowtn. EeU-lntcruSC aad iree i-oinpet.tioa lor labor will, w.inievcr laborera are abuucaut, ;ive to rlcli llio punrer to uppress ttie ]:aor. 'e cflunot leiJ.ile lo Lestroy the motive of sell-interect. lor tbat I. es at tin: .ounuation ot material pruieM, and our efforta must Iberoforo, be dmi-tfd to unlfylng the mterests oí labor aud capital, as nu a this iua" bc ilouc ly ibe Icglslature o. ti.e tate. 'I lie present ferm of the eonllict 111 om touutrv is butweeu associateM labor nnd eorporatlone employliig ic. it I not wili'-lcat Uiswcr to eay tbat tlie nit-c of labor lia tul vuncoil unlcss it can io .]íiwh ih:.' tbe pro&ta of labor llave ia;i passu wltb the 1 rotits of a ] í t a 1 . for lu tbis as ín otbvr things ol compaiative we:i:iri'. vt must consider the rclaüvc !ni rovrmeut. The ttuudard of conilort risc-: .io;urtionately lu the incitase 01 wcbllb In a C'nuitry. i our idea ol a cnurt ')f nrbitratiou, 1 think has iiiiicu to'uil it. 1 t,i uriaU' matiOD Ol siuu a eouri &o as tu Eccurv equallj the eonfideno.e of 1 uth tlic coutcndlns wrtlii vould requlre both liberalsty anü illaeretloii, and it wouki bo iiee.lul that their Vckuiis íliouid Le 1 ased on BOtUClhlug like a tj-d crauve principie of Inuiútrlal parlnobi.', :.i the wa;es ot' the iiaiiloves ff.núlú lc uní ure.i b thc protits üt tie co. .or-Uou. llln tbis matter acomtnuulty of mterc&! coul.'. be cstublishea iho welfare añil conientuieut of bolh woukl :-vvn 10 be a possible reblllt. With Blneere regara and Let wis es tor you and ours 1 am vour frieuU,


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