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Nickle trimmings can be kept bright by rubbing with a wool cloth saturated with spirits of amonia. Peach leaves pounded to a pulp and applied to a bruise or a wound írom a rusty nail, ora simple cut, will give lmmedíate relief. A few drops of amonia in a cupful oi warm raiiiwater, applied carefully with I a sponge, will remove spots froru palntIngs. A verv good cement to fasten on lamp tops is meltcd alum;usL as soon 08 melted, and the lamp is rcady for use as soou as the cement is cold. A r, oA imitation of groundglass may be obtained by boiling :i teaspoonful of rirc in B pint of water for half an hour. Tho solution lijrhlly dabbed on the glasa with a brush will givo the desircd eöcct. Canvas bugs can, i t is said, be made as imuervioua to moisturo as leather by Bteepinc in a decoction of one pound of oak bark with fourteen poundfl of boiling water, this qnantity bciug suffloient for eiyhl yards of stutl'. The clolii írom whioh the bags are has to so.ik for twenty-four hours, when it is taken i u!. passed through running water, and hung up to dry. An op.k stain can be produced by mixing powdered ochre, venetian red and uubcr, in size and proportion to bh t; or :i richer stain may be macle with raw aionna; burn sienna, and vandyke . brown; a íight yellow stain of raw sieuna alone is very effective. To daiken oak, strong coffee is sometime used. To make it very dark, ron filings with a little sulphuric acid and water put on with a sponge and al owcd to dry between each application is good. Tracing paper may be made by imrcersing best tissue paper in a bath composed of turpentiuo and bleached beeswax. A pieee of beeswax about an inch in diameter, dissolved in half a pint of lurpentine, is said to give good rcsults. The paper thould dry two or three days before use.


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