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Remember, Boys Make Men

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When you seo a ragged urcliio Standing wistful in tlie street, Vith torn hat and kneSleaa trousers, Dirtv face and bare red feet. ■iot by tho cliild unheeding; .'üiilü upon him. Mark nif, wlion Ho' grown he'll not torget t; For rüinembar, boys make men. When ths baoyant routhfnl tpirits Overflow i;i boyish froak, Chido yoar child in gentle accunts, Do not in your an;oi' Bpeak. You must row in youtMul bosonu Seeda of tender merciefl; thön Planta nill growand bcargoo:! fiuitaso Whenthè erring boys are men. Havo you never Ben a frrandaire, Wit h ïiiH even agto'w witli joy, BrinR ti niind Boni: net of kindneaa- Sonietliing said to hima boy? Or relata some slilit or coMneaa Witli a brow all clouded, when Ho iiil they woro too thonghtlc To remomber boys mnko men? l,ot u try to add on;c ploasurd To the lite ot evrry boy; Foreach i-liihl necdx tender in torept It. i t HorrowB and it8 joya; Cali jrour boyn home by its briglitncss; ThVy'll av'oiil a gloomy den, And Beek lor comfort elsewhere - And romember, boys mnke men.


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