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Texas Drought

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Ma]. D. M. Bash, paymaster In tn United States army, tas just returned from a trip in southwest Texas as far west as Fort Davis, in Presidio county. H passed tbrough the center of the groat sheep-grazing section of Texas, and rePresido, Pecos and Crockett counties. Thes counties embrace an area somewhat exceeding the acreage of the state ol Maine. Maj. Bash says that for raany miles, as far as the eye can reach, the country is bare of vegetation, not even weeds growing. On one ranch out oi 6,000 cattle, 3,000 hare died within tbs past month and the prairie is strewn with car casses surrounded by myriads of buzzards On anothor ranch 3,000 sheep have died while on one of the largest the herder wat compelled to kill 5,000 lambs and a neigh boring herder killed 3,000 lambs becanse their mother were too weak from starvation to afford them nonrishment. Basb described the situation in this far west country as terrible beyond description. The shepherds told kim unless rains fel) shortly every human being and domestic animal would be compelled to vacate that district and move to the north of Texas.


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