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Concerning that valuable little book, "Facts and Figures about Michigan," comf├╝ed by FranE J. Bramhall of the General asseneer Department of the Michigan Central railroad, the Grand Rapids Morning Telegram says: The most complete and accurate lists of the National and State Exeeutive, Judicial and Legislativo Departments; of the State Boards, institutions and associations ; roster of tho state troops; statement of the state finances; county offlcers; terms of courts; oflicers and condition of the nutional and state banks; condition and trafile (passenger and freight) of the railroads; general ollicers of railroads; railroad stations wltu mileage and postal and telegraph facilities: expresa compauies; the newspaper press; post-ofliees; political and economical statistics; a terse but comprehensiva summary of the geography and history of the state and its mineral productious; together with other valuable and practical information, will be found in a compact, handy little volume juut issued by the Michigan Central. Seud 15 cents to O. W. Huesles, General Passenger and Ticket uros about Siiihigan.0


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