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Frightful Explosion

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An explosión took place in Salliotte'i itore in Ecorae, Wayne county, on the 2nJ list., eompletely demolishing the building ind seriously injuring several of the inDates. Just before the explosión Salliotte, iis son-in-law, Mr Labadie, and a young laughter weretalkingtogether, when they .vore Btartled by a loud report, the lightt vore extingulahed, the building collapsed, md they were thruwn to the cellar, covred with debris. Mrs. Salliotte and her :hico rhildren were in a room back of the itore, :nil Mrs. Labadie was up stairs. l'he former was uninjured, but Mrs. LabaHe wa luirled to the cellar. VVilling hand soon began rescuingtha mprisoned unfortnnates and Salliotte ivas found to be lmrned and bruised; his young daaghter bad a wrist broken and nistamed interual injuries; Mr. Labadie ■vas frightfuüy laoerated on the head and jciilv. and Mrs. Labadie received several erious cuts and bruises. Labadie will :robal)Iy die. Tlie explosión was heard at Grosse Isle iml at wyandotte, ï'ocking buildings at ;hat distance. The explosión was undoubtedly caused y powder, as an empty powder oask wal 'ound in the ruins.


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