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What My Lover Said

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]!y the miMTsl chance, in t !i twllighfcglooin ]n tho orchard path lie met me- In thè tall wet gras8,with its fuint perfume, And 1 triad tu pass, but he made no room; Oh, J tríed, but he would not let me. 80 1 Btood nul blnshed till thograssgrew red, WIth my lace bent down above it, While he took my hand, as hu whispering Raid - How tho clovcr liftcd its pink sweet head, To listin to all tlnit my lover said! Oh, the dover in blooml I love it. In the high wet graas went the j.athtohide, And the luw wet leaves hung over, Hut I COUld not pnss on lithor side, Pop I found mvHi'If, wln.'ii J vainly tried, In the arma f my stcadfast lover. And he held me thcivand heraised my head, While he closed the path before me; And helooked downintomy eyosand said - Ho the leaves beiitdown from theboughs o'ci'hcnd To listen to all that my lover said. Oh, the leaves hanging lowly o'er me! I am surethatheknew.whenheheldmefast, That I must be all Dn willing; For I tried to go, and 1 wouki havopassed, As tho night had come with itsdewsat last, Aud tlie sky with its stars was tilling. But hc clasped me close, wlien I would have Bed, And he made me liear his story, And his soul came out from his lips and Kaid - How the stam crept out when the white moon fled To listen to all that my lover said. Oh, tho moon and the stars is glory! I know that tho gras uid tlio leaves will not toll, And I'm sure that the wind.precioim rover, Will carry his secret s safely and wel!, That no being shall ever diseover One word of themany tliat rapidly feil From the eager li]ts of my lover. And the moon and the stars that looked over ■ihall never revea I what a fair.y-liUe spell They wove around ns t'uitniglit in the dell, In tho path thronghthe'dew-laden dover; STor the vhisporn that made my heartswell s they feil from the lips of my lover.


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