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COOK HOUSI, EH. HUD6OK Proprleto, . Kewly F m-uishexL ïbe leadlng aome la Am Arbor. . . _ UiíION HOTEL. TMR8T-CLASS ia all roajMcU BYerrtblnj J ueff; fine foom, treU funiahed. Termi, B per day and upwarda. Special ratos to uk nr bomden. Wealu 15 ocab. John Schnt'der Jr., Froprietor. Corner of Washington and Se' ose streett, Ann Arbor, Miei. NICHOLS BROS., XT W. & A. C. NICHOLS, D. D. S., Dcnta vv Office Msonic Temp.e lilock, over Siring. Bank, Am Arbor, Mich. r ' ■- WILLIAWt CASPARY, Q AXIRY AND 0OKrCTI0NÏRT, Cor. ronrtk ant Anitrt r EDWARD PATE, 1 E ACHINI8T, and rwnJrer f Surglcal tartra M men, I-ofik íwb"f ?Í2S A ídaohlii í Biccl Work a SptcUOtr. H K Vain sí , Aun Aibor. Mloh. i JOSEPH CLINTON, MerebantTallor. ahoporar Wn. Ailaby'i bo4 aad iliiwfiur. AJ) werk guarantd or M Muit. JOHN F. LAVTRENCE, ' ATTORNET AT UAW. OHo, No. i BiU'i Opera Hou, Ana Arbor, Hlok. Ê. B. NORRIS, r A TTORSEY AT UW. Does a rieraj Uw. A. oelltction and C0DrevattG6 ptwtaeM, A admce patronage la respectivelT aoUcIted. DMce in the omirt heiun, A na Arbor. O C. JENKINS, 8UXQI0N DENT18T. riMni Ho. I Boutfe Main gtrex ttotH tke ftrat Natlenal Bauk Ülm Arbor, Mica. ANTON ÈISELE, DKAL1K IN ÏOKUMVTBw araTeateari mftBvif .ttured frota 't onftssee and ltltaa farble and Scutch aad iacrlao Orafiite Sboa Mr. Detroit nei CaÁerfa sta., Aaa Arbor, WILLIAM HERZ, [T0Ü8I SIQH, OrnmWl apd Fraaeo PaJn. LLtar. alldJUï. üs-lclmlülug. Olaciugand Paff gaagtrif All work doM the bont style auA IV'aaBiactoo ttreet. ABa Axbof, MiclHaa. WILSEY'S MUSIC STORE. TIAN0S, ORQANS, SHEET MUSIC, Instruc1 tion Books, Violins, Guitars, Flutes, Sc, clieap at Wilsey's Miisic Rooms, No. 15 Kourth etreet, one block south of tlie Cook House. Arm Arbor, Michigan. The largest and best Stock of Musical Goods ever brought into Washtenaw County. Violin and Quitar Strlngs a pecialty. N. B. - It w'll be to your interest to ;all before purchasing anything in the Musi ine. Abstracts of Titles n Real Estáte[H AVI a complete cera pflttfion of the Offlcjal Recordi of Vaki(!K#w üeuutj to date. (aclui iias all Taz Til V Eiocii Uwn, anj' iociibM na mReal Eerate, Uiat b a Keoord fii the BegfateN iMce, & tbewn bj mj booka. QIBc. ie th fie rf tk ecretury of 10' Wuhtena mntuü iuun ince oowBany, ín tbe baetnnt of tfe courf C. H. MANLY. Au Arbor. Mek. C. W, VOGEL, Propribtoh, Late of Chetsea. at CHOMAS MATïHEWS' OLD STAND On Ann Street. mSH AND SAI.T UEATg KIPT ON HANS The Ann Arbor Savings Bank Onranized 1MI, undar tke General lianklng I.a m (hit itate ha d, ihduuiog capital 810. rte,,eto., OTXM $00,000 AM8XTS. Baeinnai men, OuKrdlans Trusteea, Ladiei and 4her persons will flnd tuis Banlc a SAFE AND CONVENICNT Race at wkleh to make Depomt and do bu!uE. 'nterutit Allowed on All Savings Depcjlh Of )1 Mandapward, aecordlcg to thr ruUa Ik bank. and intefeit cetapuunded umi-anut aiy. Menty to Loan In Sums of $25 t 5,000, leeared tj Vnlaousaberee Real Estáte aad attm l-i lenrltlat. DIHBOTOR"}- Cbrima Maca. W. W. Wtn W. D. Barrliaan, W1U'm Deuble, DeTid RinscT. Daal) HlKk and W. B. gmltk OTFICKK9 CkrliUaa Maak. PrMident! W. m WlMi. Vlce-PreUdenl: C. K. Hlucook. Oaakler SUELES ! Waltere Patent Metalic Shlneles were award ert the flrst premium and gom medal at the WorlriV Kxposition at New OHeans. They are manufacturad from the best grades of tin and and steel. THE STEEL SHINCLES, Painted on both sides. can bo laid on the rooi forabout the s:tme price aspine Khingles. Fot particulars and prico cali on or address CEO. SCOTT Ann Arbor. Mlch. Get Your Property lnsured 3y C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGKNT, V: 4 South Main trt, As Arbor. Th oldt artncv In the aitjr. Kutablished t, quartr l eKturr go. Kt-reMntine the folloirlnc lirti cla eoMpauias, with evr 9O,0fK).OOC' Wa Bom Isi. Co., o( M. i.; Continental lag. Co., cf N. ï.; Siatrure Ibb. óy, ai N. T Girard las. Oo., of Phil.; 0n1 Ia. Co., of Hertford; Coiav.eroial tjniui t LoBdci; IiiTrpix] atti Londen ui üfob. ÜV-IUtn low. lim Hkwillf diaito4 ai fA ■nifCDTICC llul medwith uccesst U RUI Elf I IdC quires a knowleclge of iht valuc of newspupers, and a corree ïly rltsplnyed advt. To secure sucli inforirauon llin JCinílCI V swillcnableyouto advcrtisc UUi UlUllwL I consult LORD - :' THOMAS NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Sun8et Cox recommends tliat tlic salnry of the Turkish minister lie incnasud Trom ten to twelvu ÜaousauJ duliars. It U potslblc Uint (ba suJtau ís a skillíul pokr-pla;er(


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