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Following is a suminary of the annuai erop report from all parts of the country : The winter erop is on the whole good; the probable yield being 295,000,000 bu. against t!l:.(RX),OüObu in 1885, with a.slight increase ín acreage. Spring wheat has been considej-ably injured by dronth and blight; the yield will probably be 140,000,000 bu. against 14A,000,000 bu. last year. The total wheat erop will probably be 435,000,000 bu. against 357,000,000 bu. last year. In oats there has been a slight increase in acreage ; the erop has been considerably injured by drouth and insect pests and will probably yield 600,000,000 bushels against &9,O00,000 bushels in 1SS5. Of ryo and barley there will be excellent crops, on a sliglitly increased area. There is a good stand of corn and the outlook is excellent for a fine erop of early potatoes, the erop will be heavy, and late potatoes are proinising, especially in tho west.


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