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Hancock's Word Was Good

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I heard not long ago from the lips of an timer a story about General Hancock whicb I have never seen in print and which illustrates in a striking light the high character of that lamented gentleman and soldier. In 1858 General (then Captain) Hancock was stationed at San Pedro barracks. At that time tin ore had been discovered in the Temescal range (near the preeent town of Riverside), and theru was a big rush of prospectors and speculatore to the new distriot. Among the prospectore was a discharged soldier of dissipated habits known as "Scotty," wno had been a member of Captain Hanoook's oompany. Scotty was early on the ground and secnred a good location. In n short time he was approached by some San Francisco speculators who made a trade with him for his claim, agreeing to pay him therefor f 2,300 or thereabouts. They oftered him drafts on San Franoisco for the amount, wbioh at firet Scotty refused to accept, saying he wanted the ooin, but finally said thnt if Captain Hancock would say that the drafts were all right he would take them. Hancock had no interast whatever in the speculation, but the San Francisco parties were friends of his and he told the soldier that the drafts would be paid. In a short time the drafts came back protested, owing to some financial hitch in the affaire of the San Francisco company and Scotty failed to get his money. When the general learned this fact he sent for the soldier and paid him the whole amount out of his own pocket . Hancock was never reimbursed, but he had giyen bis word to the poor soldier and his word was bis bond,- Tucson Citizen.


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