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A Perilous Voyage

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The bark Mary Graham, wliieh has arrived t Liverpool frota Quebec, picked up the Norwogiau boat Ocean witb two men who were trying to cross the Atlantic, ïhey were found 270 miles f rom land off the banks oí Newfoundland. The Ucean started on the voyage on May 85. All went well until the tith of July when two heavy gales were encountered. On July Ki anotber gale swept over them and carried awav tbelr mast. On July 20, in latitude iorty-three uorth and longitud twenty-nine west, the; boat was [capsized, hut tfiey managed to right her. On the moriiing of August 5 the Ocean was ngaia capsizeu The auchor rope was carried awav and she lay broadside to the sea for thirty hours before she could be. bailed out. On the llth the adventurers were sighted by the bark Mary üraham and taken on board. Throe days after this a heavy gale struck the Mary Grabam. She was running before a hurricane and shipped a tremendous se whicli carried away all her boats, smashed in the front of her cabin and cleared out all itscontents, spoilingall the provisions but a few canned things. The captain was killed and the flrst ofticer with one man wasbed overboard. Most of the crew wers severely injured, one man having his leg and another his arms broken. Tlio deckload of timber was also washed overboard. _


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