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BEMOCRATIC COUNTY CONVENTION A Democratie county convention for Washtenaw county will be hold at the court house, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, September, 88 1886, at 11 o'clock a. m.. local time, to nomínate candidates for county offices. lso to elect 20 delegates to the Democratie senatorial convention to be held at Dundoe, on Thursday, the 3fth day of September, 188b, at 11 o'cleck a. m., local time Townships and wards will be entitled to deleEatcs in the convention as follows: A.nn Arbor City- Plttafleld 8 lat ward 3 Salem 4 2d " 3 Saline . 3d " 3 Seto J 4th " 8 Sharon 3 5th " 2 Superior 4 6th " 2 Syfvan Ann Arbor Town 3 Webster Augusta 4 York o BridKewater 4 Ypsilanti Town 4 Dexter 8 Ypsilanti City- Freedom 4 lst ward 2 tt::::EEB K ::::::::::: Lyndon 8 4th ' Manchetsor 6 5th " 4 Northfleld 4 City and township committees are requested to see that their respective caucuses are duly called. A full representation is earnestly requested. By order of democratie county executive committee, _ . JACOB F. SCHUH, Chairman, Thos. D. Keabnky, Secrotary. Dated, Ann Arbor, Auguat31, 1886. Democratie Beprescntatlve Convention A democratie convention for the First Eepresentative District of Washtenaw county (the north half of the county), will be held at ;he Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tues day. September 38, 1886, at 11 o'clock a. m., local time, to nomínate a candidato for representativo in the legislatura. Each township and ward will be entitled to the same number of delegates as in the county conventton. Dated. August 31, 1886. M. J. l.KIIMAN. J. V. N. Qriookt, Committee. Democratie Ward Caucuses. ThO ward caucuses, to elect delegates to the county and representative conventions, will be held Sarurday evening Sept. 25. 18S8, 7: 30 o'clock, local time, at the following places: First ward Chas. Klng's sliop Second ward Gen. Clark's Justice Office Third Ward Court House basement. Fourthward Engine House. Fifth ward Engine House. Sixth Ward Engine House. By order of Ward Committees. J. F. SCHUH. Chairman. DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET. For Governor- GEO. L. YAPLE. of St. Joseph. For Iiieutenant-Oovernor - S. S. CURRY, of Marquette. For Secretary of State- P. B. WACHTEL., of Emmet. For State Treasurer- WM. ö. BEA.RD, of Bay. For Auditor-General- J. D. FARRAR, of Macomb. For Attorney-General- JOHN C. DONNELLY, of Wayne For CommiKsiouer of State Land Office - ALONZO F. FRISBIE, of Livingston. For Superintendent of Public Instruction- DAVID PARSON n of Wayne. For Mem ber of the 3tete Board of Education- JEROME W. TURNEK, of Shiawassee . For Representativo in Congross- 2nd district, LKSTER H. SALSBUitY, of Lenawee.


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