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Mr. Editor: The article on prohibition copied iuto the Register (rom the Orleans American, published at AlbioD, N. Y., waa written by the father of Mrs. A. L. Noble, instead of the father of A. L. Noble, as was inndvertontly stated. As you oalled attention to the article in vour last issue, I make this correction . It ia the general remark at both enda of the district that everybody is talking more Ipolitics this fall than common. The republicana frankly admit that Gapt. Allen is a hard pill to swallow, if indeed gome can swallow him at all, that the prohibitionistu are drawing lar&ely from him because of some of hia fooliah utterances since they ref used to endorse him, and that Salabury is working his way wonderfully fast into the favor of the people. This franknesa becomes bjimorous at times. Not long ago a republican from ilillsdale coupty remarked that " the republican party had yery serious business on its hands this fall," and a Monroe county republican nodded assent. - Monroe Democrat. Six yeare of hard work on the farm followed George L. Yaple's college days. Thus equipped with a practical knowledge of the great pursuit, he bas spent succeeding years in eoonomic and clasBioal reading the result of which is apparent in the eloquent quotations which are ever ready to drop from his tongue. Michigan's republican governors with but few exceptions have been men only of money. The next governor will be a young man of energy and activity the champion of labor and freedom, when to champion such causes was political deiith and above all a practical student and scholar in the elementa of government. Sueh a man will honor the executive chair os it has not been before honored of late. - [Kalamazoo Gazette.


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