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"I want you to try this cigar," said a gentleman yesterday, as ho hanilcd out a fino-looking specimen of the weed. It was a good one, and the smoker said so. 'That was made on Friday," said the gentleman. "I got it in Read n. There's a cigar manufacturer tliero who does nothing bat mako fresh Havana cigars, at $7 a hundred, to bc smoked at once. The idea is all the rage thore, and he has as much as he can do. On Saturdays. especially, he has moro iban he can do. Persons order cigars made on Saturday tosmoke on Sunday. Queer idea, isn't it? I ordered a box jnst to try thern, and I iind they're ever so much better fresh." "I don't know of any such a thing in Pittsburgh," said one of the most prominent cigar-dealers and manufacturers last evcning, "but I don't sce anything wrong in it. We have to keep all our fine imported cigars fresh. We couldn't sell thetu if we didn't. "But how do you keep them fresh?" "Well, you see this case hcre. The lowest priced cigar in it is three for a quarter. All these boxes sit on tin boxes, which coutain water." "These boxes are made in New York," he continued, "cs.pecially for this purpose. They have a sheet of heavy feit inside of them, which we keep moistened with water. It does nol lo to make them too wet, for Uien the water would get into the cigars and they woud turn moldy. They must Do watched all the time to see that they are kept just moist enough Cigars that are not in the case we kuep in an air-tight, zinc-lined box. A Havana cigar must never be allowed to dry out; it spoils the flavor. That, at least, is my judgment, and that of all the best jiulges of a cigar. A cifrar that has auy Havana in it must be smoked when it is moist. It is not that it burns up too rupidly when dry, but it loses the delicate flavor. A cigar that has no Havana in it is belter the oldcr and drier it becomes, and it must be kept away from moisture. You see in this case there are no water-boxes. There are some good cigars here, but they have no Havana in them. "A man who bnys 100 fresh cierars witli Havana in them must be a rapid smoker, or have a good manv friends, if they will keep fresh for íiim until they are all gone, unless he takes care to keep them moist. That Read ing man has probably got a new scheme. and has succeeded in making it the fashion. There's a great deal in getting it to be 'the thing' in any such plan. The best judges and lovers of good cigars that I knowjof prefer to buy what they want each day, as they eau be more certain of having them just to suit their taste." - Pittsbiiryh Vost.


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