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crata be up and doing. Private Lester H. Salsbury will bo elected representativo in congress if the demócrata give him tbeir nnited support. i In Bay county the republicana and greenbackers have f used on state senator. Please notice the fact in your next issue, Mr. Courier. Ir is astoniahing what grasping fellows some republisans are. Some halfdozen candidatos for the various county offices are residente of this city. The candidatos for office in this county seem to be on the stil] hunt. It is remarked that this is the most quiet canvass ever witnessed in old Washtenaw. Ir " boodle " will give Allen a big majority in Hillsdale county, he hopes to have it. He is making a big flght there and his friends are shelling out the money with a lavish hand. ■ i ■ The republicana don't expect to elect a man on the county ticket, but will work for the success of the legislativo candidatos. What they are after is the legislature. This they hope to capture, because a United States senator is to be chosen. The republicana will make a great effort to have every one of their voters registered, and it is safe to say they will make a great effort to vote their full atrength at the coming election. It is, theretore, the duty of every democrat to register, and to see that hia fellowdemocrate are registered. A little care and attention now to the work in hand, and all will be well. We have nothing to say individually or collectively against the republioan oounty nominees. They are good citizens; the trouble ia they are running on the wrong ticket. As the democrats have made no miaiakea in their nominations,each candidato ia entitled to and should receive his full party vote. This means the election of the entire democratie county ticket. After the repubhean county conven tion there was a disposition on the part of several of the nominees not to accept and they so informed the county oommittee. But they have fliially been persuaded to make the canyass. Of course, it is not very enoouraging to run when the odds are largely against them, but it aeems that the gentlemen are willing to stick, notwithstanding defeat stares them in the face. Republican papers are just now quite Dusy in aotising ijeo. Li. lapie, me iubiuii nominee for governor. They charge bim with being a oopperhead during the late war, when the truth is he was only eight years of age at the time. They pitch into him on account of kis religión and cali him hard uanies, but vituperation and abuse will only react on the party who stoops to such prácticos to bolster up their sinking cause. It is generally admitted that Sheriff Walsh has been a faithful and painstaking official. Of course, there has been very little, if any, money in the office during nis term, because he has not reeorted to tramp-catching to replenish his exchequer. He has done only legitímate business, and we believe that the people of Washtenaw county will endorse his adminiBtration by giving him their suffrages, and that he will be re-elected by a larger majority than he received two years ago.' He deserves it. m ■ - The queetion of building a street railway to be owned and eontrolled by Ann Arbor capitalits, is one in which every Citizen is interested. While a large number favor the project, there are not a few who ridicule the idea of a railroad. It is this class who also cry jobbery, schemes, etc. They have never done anything for the city and never will, it is safe to say. They will put their money in enterprises outeide of Ann Arbor, but just the moment an impro vemen t is to be made, in which enterpnsing citizens are willing to inyest their meana to benefit the place, these old fosmls crawl out of their holes ann commence to throw dirt. If every democrat votes his ticket this f all, every nominee of the party will be elected by rousing majorities. The re publicans don't stand the ghost of a chance of eleoting any man on their ticket except by securing democratie votes. Every democrat who votes for a republican thereby caste, practically, two votes against the nominee of his own party. As a rule a republican never slips his ticket, and certainly a deraocrat ought not to do it, as every official who gets into office, if he belongs to the republican party, must use that office in the interest of his party, and will use his iurluence and moni-y to defeat us in electionB hereafter. Our nominees are all worthy men and deserve the full tup port of their party. Vote the straigh demycratic ticket and you will have don y our duty. Only two more issues of The Dbomorat before the November eleotion. Trom now on let the democracy of Wash;enaw present a solid line and victory will e ours. It will simply be a queution as o how lurue a majority eaoh candidato will receive. Tuk democratie nominee for state enator, Jas. S. Gorman, wus bom in the ownship of Lyndon, Dec. 28, 1850, and was raised on a farm. When 18 years of age he had his left arm taken off, near the elbow, in a threshing machine. He received his primary education íd a country school, and at the age of 17 began attendance at the Chelsea union school, where he contined his studies 8ix years, except while teaching two winters. He graduated in 1874, and began the study of law with tLe Hon. A. J. Sawyer. Having entered the law department of the University of Michigan, he graduated therefrom in March, 1876, and immediately began the practice of law in the office of Hammell & Parkinson of Jackson. He was admitted as a partner with Jus. A. Parkinson in November, 1876, and was assistant prosecuting attorney of Jackson connty for two years trom Jan. 1, 1887. He removed to Dexter in November, 1879. In November, 1880, he was elected to the house of representatives by a majority of over 500.


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