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Remember that all the democratie candidates upon the state, district and county tiokets are all honorable and trusty. Many of tkern are young men, who will have the support of huodreds of young republicana. It must not be forgotten that Capt. Allen, the friend (?) of labor, was one of the warmest advocates and supporters of the Baker conspiracy law in the legislature of 1877. Let every laboring man who wants "protection" read the law and t hen vote for Allen if he eau. The public records of the government at Washington, show that the defalca tious of republican ofiicials from 1861 to 1885, amount to $12,893, 170, 48. And yet senator 8herinan told his Portsmouth audienco that the democratie administraron found no rascáis to turn out! - Zanesville Sigual. All the witnesses in Hudson can't wipe out the fact that Allen referred to the war as the "democratie rebellion." Demócrata, that insult ought to never go un regentad. If, witii this insult fiauntmg linn in the face, a demoqrat puts on a slip for Allen we shall think that he deserves Allen' ulassitication. - Adrián Piess. The Midland Sun (Rep ) had found its local administraron so corrupt, that it is neoessary to support the democratie county ticket for relief. While supporting tho republican State ticket, it is also doiug great work for Hon. Tim. Tarsno.v, the democratie congressruan. Better boll the entire g. o. p., Bro. Holden. It is the only way to be on the wiunmgr side this year. - Poutiac Uemocrat. Mr. Blaine opened his starrmg tour in Pennsylvania, by attending divine viuc ju jl iiiittuviiuii, aitci iv uu u uc ílligered aroiiud the altar, where many of the congregation gathered around him tíi tuke lnui by tLe hand." Mr. Blaiue has an imagmative miud. We wonder if it did not Hash through his plumud head that this affecting demonstraron was awfullv like tiie procedure at u funeral, after the clergymau has announo ed, "au opportuuity will uow be given to look upon the remains of our lately deceased brother. l'lease pasa up the left ainle and down the center." The Aun Albor Couner now takes up the Register' oourse of lymg about Mr. áalabury, and saya that a "prominent demoorat," (name oarofully mippressed,) liad told tue Courier editoi that he and Salsbury had drauk whisky tu a saloon iu Washtenaw eonnty sinee the nomiuation, and sa s, "vio don't kuow who lieH." Well, we do, mil are not. afluid to telt oither. ít is the editor of the Gourier. He has had no hiiüü inforraation. Siuiply because it wiiH untrue. Bat if Salsbury wnnted a glasx of whisky he uudoubted ly ould dunk it. The effort to make him out h Ixunmer and a prohibitionist will yet re.-ult in getting everybody's vote. Mr. Salsbury n purecharaoter and his manly dignity place him beyond the power of raon of the Gourier oaliber to harni him. Keep up these charges and every Germán in Washtenaw will vote for Adrián Press. It will be noticed that republican papers offer no arguments in favor of protection. They allude to it in the vaguest and moHt indetiuite manuur. They do not present to their readers figures and tacts regarding tlie tarilf. They dare Dot, They know that with education on the subject goes conviction that the tariff is nn unjust tax. Happily the people are becoming educated despite the eflbrts of the republicau leaders to keep them in ignorance. The people are awakening to a realization of the fact ihat a protective tariff is nothing more or less than legalized robbery, wresting from the Farmer the laborer and the mechanic a large per cent of the proceeds of his daily toil that a few wealthv and iiitiuential corporatioDs and combinations of maanfacturera may thereby be beuefitted. The protectiou tariffisa robbery. ItisnnrighteouH and unjust. Votefor Yapie! - Pontiac Billposter. Ab ever, Powderly talks to the point and says it well. Moreover lus températe words seem now to west the general approbation of the kmghts, notwithstanding the restiveness exhibited by many of them a few months ago. From unpleasant experience comes valuable knt)wledge; the disasters that have overtaken the knights tliis year have nearly all come from diBegarding Mr. Powderly's advice, while their viotones have been in the policy marked out in his public utterances, and in aocordance with hiw declarations of the object and methods of the order. It is difficult to hold radicalism in check in any organization of whatever kind, and upon this rock many have split, but there ia at present a hopeful prospect that tue Kmghts of Labor may avoid destruction by obeerful devotion to a conservatism which is none the less valnable because dearly bought, and which will upon trial, prove far more efficiënt toward securing practicalreforms than the reckless disregard of privute and public rights which brought about such bad feeling throughout the country six montha ago.


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