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TUK ÜREMANÍA HOÏT.I.. CORNER WASHINGTON AND SECOND streeta. Wm. L. Frank, p"oprletor Sara Ele ro ins foc travi'lnL nu n. Kery room ated lv Bteam. HOODRICH HOUSE AH. GÜODRICH, Proprietor, corner Ann and FourtU streets, opposite the Court Houso Square. Everythingin ttrstchiss order. Newly furuisbed. Barn accommodations. J. R. JOYNER IICKNSED AUCTIONÜ'ïR, is nowpre J pared to render his services to all desiring tliem. When you wish to sell anything at auctiou give him a cali. He may j found the first door west of Kat Drake's p.ce, Huron street. pTííkernan, A Tl' O R N K VA T-L A W. Collections proni])tly atended to. Money to loan. Hoiises and lote or sale. Office in Court House. JOHN SCHNEIDER, 37 North Main Street, opposite the 1-' postolllce, dealer in Fresh, Smoked and Balt Meats of all kinds, in any quantity. D. M. TYLER, M. D., pHYSICIAN. Office over tie Post Office, Anu Arbor. Mich. COOK HOUSE. MRS .11. HUDSON, Proprietor. Newly Furnished. The leading house in Ann Arbor. UNION' HOTEL. FIRST-CLASS in all respects. Evcrvllnn new. Fine rooms, well furnished. Titiils, $1 per day. and ujnvarüs. Special rates to weekly boarde'rs. Meals, 25 cents. .lolin Schneider, Jr., l'roprietur. Corner of Washngton and Second streets, Ann Arbor, Mieh. NIOHOLS BROS. XX[. W. & A. C. NICHOLS, D. 1). S. Dental T office Masoiiic Temple Block, over Savings Bank, Ann Arbor. JOSEPH CLINTON, MERCIIANT TAILOR. Shop over Wines & Worden's. All work triuiranteed or no charge. JOHN F. LAWRENCE, A TTORNFYATLAW. A Ofliee, nos. 8 and i, Grand Opera House, Ann Arbor, Mich. E. B. NORRIS, A TTORNEV AT LAW. Does a general law ■i, collection and eonveyaiice bastness. A moderate natronage is resDectfully solicited. Oflice in the court house, Ann Arbor, Mirli. O. C. JENKINS, SI HGEON DENTISÏ. Rooms No. 10 South Main Street, opposite the First Natioual Bank, Aun Arbor, Micu. ANTÓN EISELE, DKAI.ER IX MONUMENTS and Gravestnncs nmnufactund frora Tenuessee and Italian Mnrble and Sctoch and Amerieaa Grínite. yhoii cor. Detroit and Cathorine st3., Ann Arbor, Mich. WILMAM HEKZ, HOUSE, SION, Ornamental and Fresco Painti-r. Gilding, Calciminincr, Glazing and Paper Handng. All work done In the licst style and warranted to give satisiaction. Shop, No. 4, West Washington Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Abstracts of Titlcs on Real Estáte 1HAVB a complete com i ation of ihc Official Records of Wi-.shien iw L'ounty to date, in-lu-l inK all T;ix Titles. K. cufióos or inv incunr s on Real Estale, of Record in the Register offiiee, is shown by inv books. OÍTire m th. office of the secntory of thA'ashu-naw Matual insunnee company, in the basement of the Court House. C. H. AfcANI.Y. Ann Arhor. Mich. NEW tMARKET. C.W. VOGEL, Proprietor, Late of C'hi'lsea, at TilOMAS MATTHEWS' OLD STAND On Ann Street. Freih and Salt tt&aft kent un h-"l. The Ann Arbor Savings Bank Organizad 1K9, undcr th Ooner! liaohini Law 't uil itat hai ów, inoluoiug capital S(cX rte., te., OrXB t CO, 090 ASSJ&Tê. BuInMi mn. Ouirdlans. Trustee, LjkJIm and Mr periena wili flnd thia Bao le a SAFE AND C0NVENI1N7 Place at wkloh to mak f Dtpotiti and do buoliiH. nterest is Allowed on All Savings Depoilt Of $1.Mandupward, occording to the ralo 4 ld kaak. and iuttrut compouuded suai-aaiyt .uy. Meney t Loan In Sums of $20 t 18,000, turJ ij Daloiutiere4 Kaal Iiut aad omt laod iscuritlM. DIHEUTORS- Chrimio Xaok. w. w. Whiat Vf. D. tiarrlioan, Willlam Deubie, David Ruimt. Ouilel Hiovek aod W. B. Bsiitfi. OJPriCÏRS-Ohrlsli Mo. riwldenti W. w Wtnei. Vloe-Pracidif&t: C E. 0litoook. Cwkler NEW CO ALJLARD ! For the flnest ooal in the market, and low prices, the public are inviled to eall on Ie MICHAEL STABLER Cor. Washington and 2d sts, Who also filis orders for W O O 13 ! Nowia the time to lay in your coal. MICHEL STABLER. Ann Arbor Get Your Property Insured 3y C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT, Mo. 4 South Main trut Aan Arbor. Th o)dt axeney In tb oitjr. lUtafcliiid a quarter or cmnturj ago. RaprMntfr.e th folldwlajr ni olasa compasiat, iHtfe ovr K,OaO,000 étatu. Home Id. Oo., oí N. Y.; ContiMnUl Ine Cocf ÍÍ. ï.; Niñera Iw. 0.r o N. X: Gursri In. Oo., of PhU.; 0r!M Ib. Oo., oí Hwtford; Crawreial Uatoa f Lonie,j; LiTrpool &ati LondoBvid Gieb. "■ Brally adlat4 4 ftmtkjfi. . o. p. MTJun. "


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