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Tuesday evening a number ot our best oitizens jjatliered at St. Audrew's ohapel to listen to the report of the committee, to adopt ome place to save the youtb of our city frotn spending their evenings on the streets or in the saloons. The ohairman, Rev. 8. Earp, presented the following resolutious, whioh were adopted: Resolved, That one or more rooms In tb Masonlc block, or one or more rooms In aay otherellglble locatlon be leased for the purpose or a Young People's Koadlng Koom, whose privilege are Co be oflered free of expense to the yoath of tbe city of Aan Arbor, and viclulty. Retolvêd, That such arrangement at my be necessary be made wlth Mr. Wllll Bougnton to transfer hts ulroulating llbrary to one of these rooms wlth the umierstand mg that the use of lts books Ie to be free to the occupanu üf tlie Readlng Boom, snd tbat for the present Mr. Boughlon have general charge of the rooms. Retolved, That an exooutlve oommittee of ten persons be appolnted at thls meeling, whose duty lt hall be to have control of the nnauctal matters of the Keadlng Rooms, to provlde entertainment of varlous kinds from time to time, to enlarge the work If clrcumstances seem tojustlly, and In general to have the overslght and direotlon of all tbe In erests concerned wlth the proviso that they make a quarterly report to the cltlcens duly assembled by a cali publlshed In the city paers, or noilce given In tbe varlous churches. Tour oommittee would suggekt that the above Sx-Commlttee be divlded Into two dlvlslons o-wlt, a flnance coramlttee of Uve and a worklng oommittee of flve. Réiolveil, Tbat a fund be ralsed for tbe estabsbment and inalntenance of thls work. The parion of the old St. Jamea hare een offered at a reasonable rental. Mr. Willis Bonghton will devota his entire ime to the maaagement of the rooms, nd will give his ciroiilating Hbrary, numbering over 600 volumes, to the (ood of the oause, at a small remuneraion for his servioes. The followinjj commltteea we re Uien hosen: On f%nance- Col. H. 8. Dean, Chas. H. Woren, II. J. Brown, Oeo. Frank Allmendinger, obn Keek. O Junius E. Beal, Prof. M. E. Cooley, ivart H. Scott., Louis D. Taylor, A. W. Hai,ton. Alter somt: little discussiou in rofernce to various matters pertaining to tbe nterprise, the meeting adjourned tbr one week, to meet at the comtuon council oom.


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