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Blitz & Langsdorf, The Two Sams

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Vke ïtirfth Year of Oir Butaien (Jureer THE TWO SAMS. We have taken the wind out of the rails of our oompetitor. We have astoniühed them all . Low Prices, Good Goods, and Strictly One Price ! Haa brouwt us the trade. Ladies and Gentlemen we thank you. HERE Ai SOI OF OUR PUB POR ÏHE SBASON: not SSfSS'S'SAXS' 8nOtUer " "tl ■ "- - 00, .1, of SUIT8 at $5.00, suite at $6.00, 88.00 and $10.00, at these prices no man needs to go without a suit Gom?and SÍ fiST' """ 6ltr8 Wy irti 8nd dr8Wer 8t $l0 we "■ fand &S ' ifyou oan duplícate them at 1..W. Our1}6 ofMttSaS en"0' " F"r 8P8 6W 'hWD $1 Wlü böy the be"t Fnr C"P er introduoed. We have been selling this fall a line of Mitts made of (rood stronir matnriAl linnrl onth nt u iuj.j_iih oloth doublé stitched worth twice the money at 3,5 oent8-look at them We have vrv lrf f ?"e ' baked W,lth he8Ty pon vou. Mr. Wm. T„.„ney, of Dexter; gr Fred Qak.e. ALiïLr%$Lïï S, ' The Only Strictly One-Price Cloihiers in Ann Arbor.


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