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The Hesirt a VVorkcr. Take the heart- itself a very bundle of musculine fibers, says the Popular Science Monthly. We know. tliat as lonií as we live, v!i -i her sleeping or waking, that wonderul oran keeps up its regular con trac tions and expansions. Btit, whon wê usr our máseles, their contractile forre upon the blood vesselshelps the blood along its channeis, and thus take.s a littlo labor from the propellini beart. It beata faster but with lesseffort. Whilehelping the heart, muscular exercise helps the lungs also. exerciee means for the lungs more breath; tliat is, more air inspired and more carbonic acid gas expired. By deeper breathinga the involuntary mhscles are strengthened. While the lunys and heart are doing better work under the stimulus of muscular exercise, the heart pumping the blood more certainly to the farthermost tissue of the body and the lungs more rapidly purifying the blood, other orgaus are benctited. the diaphragm, that musclesepaiating the lungs and heart from the stomacli and liver, is risiny and falling, and, with the increased expansión and contraction of the tralla of the thorax, is moving all the content of the abdomen to activity. Tho lirer, the great gland of the body, has not only more blood sent to it, but is quickened to action.


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