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8. S. CONO VER Rejoicing Over His Late Great Snccess. I have been affllcted with rheumatisni tweutv years. For the last ten years ha va been obllged to use crutchës. Often raj lef t hip mul km.e vrodld entirely give out. Have expended a large arnount Of money tor remedies reeonimended :s a core for (hit terrible ditiease, have used the most po werf ui linimenta on my hip and knee to sooth tho pain, thnt 1 might Eet a little sleep. My hip and knee had lost nearly all stréngth by the use of the linimento, and I could get nu help. l saw au adver tisement of your remedy in a paper and ordered halt a dozen bottles of Hlbbard's Kheuinatic Syrup, took theyi and rerried some relief, ordered anotheï dozen. Have taken Beven t' the last dozen, and I am happy in saying ilnit 1 know 1 am beiog carea, llave not used any liniments si I commeneed taking your syrup. W'hen I began taking your syrup I could not take a step without toe use ot' a cane: neither could I turn mv-elt" in bed without "aid;eim now turn in bed without any trouble : can walk about niv hou-e and olü' e without the use of my cane. Aftor loosing. track ofit, for tae reoeon wljen 1 take a long walk I take Italong. My ofBce is ionrblock trom my hou e; 1 have not walked to or from it in over a year until last ïhursday a week. since thatUmel ha e walked to and from it every day. excepl. Sunday. lam truly rejoicing that] mu (ast being relieved from such a terrible affllct ion. Wi-hing that I mijrht herald to all who are afflicted with disease merits of your wonderf ui medicine. I write you of the benefltd wtilch 1 nave derived from its use. Kend me o;ie half dozen bol tles syrup and one-tbird dozen planters by express C. O. 1. Thia I want for a fríen d in the northern part of county. He is a great sufferer with rheuniatism. Vcry truly, S. s. CoDOver. Agt. of the Northwestern Mutual Life InBUrauce t'o.. Manisteo. Mich. Special Notice. Cuirrwii.i.iï. Mn il. Oct, 32,1886. Hibbard's Rheumatlc Syrnp ('o.. Jaokson, Mich. : Deab Sie- In rèply to your letter, I am glad to grant yonr reqnest. In nature my disease a a BGvere case of innannnatory rheumatism. It had been running live years and affected me in allpnrtsofmy body from my bead to my feet. I was at times so crippled in my hands and limbs as to be unnlile to help myself. I have used your medicine about .ix weeks; in all about tline liottles. 1 am now able to do my own work in better spirits, nc jmiiis. and continually improviug. My age is 68, and ni oonditlon a year a;;o ani now. speaka rery higlily of what youi medicine has done for me. . Am happy Indeed to recommeud its tru( merits. It is the best remedy we hav ever used, Etespnctfully, Mns. A. W. Caldwkll. Black lynx, black I'ersian lnmb, and black monkey are the leadiu;; black furo. A superior preparación for all disease ol the hair or scalp. Hali's llair Kenewer. May always be relied upon for curing colds or caughs. Ayer's Cherry PectoralVelvetcloth and beogoline are used in combination for reruption COtstumes. Riddles. What port is sbngbt by evory living creaturei Bnp port. Vou cannot woll make it if your lungi are not sound. Taylpr'g Cherokee Remedy of Bweei Bain and Mulk'iu will make thVin so, and cure your congh. What General canses more distresg, is more prevalent and spreads more disinav I (Señera) Want. if it was from the want of strong langs, Taylor's Cberokee Remedy of Sweet Gum and Múllela would outgenoral it. Golden fox bands, boas and muffe are rare bat muchought for novelty l'urs this geason. People of Fashion. Why is tbe sun like people of fashionï It turus night mto day - the time people catch cold, which it oot áttehdéd to in time will Induce consumptlon. Taken in time Taylor's Cherokee Etémedy of iaweet juin and Mullein. Monkey stoles with standing collars and muffs to match are the correct fura for mourning. A lady of Serse. Every sensible person knows that tho mullein stalk i-i and old domestic remedy tor conghs. Combined with sweet gum ft present in Tavlor's Cherokee Remedy of BwuetGuDi and Mallein, n sure cure" for eonghs, croap and consumption. Boucle jackets are tium msely popular. A Guüty Sa:riiice sltoulil never be mude, bat ambitiou and enterprise deserve reu a il. nërever you are located you should write to Hnllett d' ('o.. Portland. Maine, and learu aboul work that you can do eg d liveat home, earning thereby from 5to 23 and opwardsdaily. 8ome have earned over $3C in a day. All particular free. Hoth sexes. All ages. Caiital not needed : you are started free. All is now. Those win. start at once cannot help rapidly niaking snug little fortunes. Monkey mutFs are again in favor A Ueceived Woinan Í3 the lady who usis cosmetics, face lotions, white lead, bismuth, powders. arsenic etc., In the belief of enricoing and beautifying the complexion. It is bul temporary, and ultimately destroys thi skin bevond tlic inwvr ot n ature to restore. Sto]) it ! Stop it now, and use onlj Dr. Harter's Iron Tonie, wliich imparta the vigor and loveliness of outh. Badger is the latest faney in furi. ÜSc. bur i ;r oí I.yons Patent 1 e 1 Stlffeners, makü a boot or staoe hi-t twloe H long. It hos rained evciv l'i iilay in New York since the flrst of December. ( fa m Wverywhere.- E. B. Rail, druggist at Hiattsville, Kan.. h:is this to w riti about Allen's Ltuifi Balsan] : "It is the besl 8elling throat and lun remedv, and givo! general gatisfactlon. 1 oheerïuHy recom mend it." Buy the large ?1.ÜO bottle foi Luug Diseases. Braiding is in favor for trimining foi mantles anddresses. Folt hats are falliiiíí in price, but aro a high as ever in theerown, Jackets of heavy oloth are in tho style o last summer's coaching coats. Paris dressmakers make tho sleeves o i dresses full over the shoulders. What is the difference between two ileepy young ladiea and one wlde-av iicil Dear another in chnrchï rwg olose tbeir eyes and thé othereyes their clot lies. Mro. Betsey Hart ofTror N. Y., lately leceaued, l-.-i't $7,000,000. Mure loving Harts like that are lint the bachelors of this country want. ('lianiillv lacéis usi'cl in combination with feather and [ar triuiming upon mantles tor ceremonie i is occasions. Mi-, ('bas. V. Fowell, poatmaater, Terre Ilautp. ( i.. writea that two of bis very flnest chickens were recently affeeted with roup. He saturated a piece of bread half an Inch square witli St. Jacob'sOil and fed it to tliem. Noxtday he oxamined them and thero was no trace of the disease remaining. C'arriage cloaks are very long. Tbey are usnally of some color othur thnn bïaek, and are made ol eloth, velvet or plush. They are elaborately trimmed witli fur, teathers or bead i'inliroider3-. A dross of serge and ohenllle tripes has theskirt of the serge trimmed with horizontal stripea of velvet edged with i The bodice and drapory are of the stripes, with plastrón and enff's of relTet. A balldressof white ganze isdotted with yellow, and the skirt is bordered with a ruchlng of yellow slik. The bodice lsgathered mul the .ivrss is completed by a wide white silk sa li brocaded with yollow i Mr. E. R. WiUon, Grand Rapids, Midi.. report - the case of lLr. H. 'I'. Bheldon of Lansing, tlich., who tor -■-. eral wrks sufCered from a frightful oongh and oold, which was c'uircl by one bottle of Ked Star Coagh Uure. Cloth polonaises are worn over velvet or phish skirts, or contrasting color, u hetner plain, t riped or plaid. Never Open Yoar Moath excopt to put soiiiething to eat into it. is au excellent motto tor the tiossip and the sufferer trom catarrh. Bnt while the gossi is practlcally Incurable, there is no excuse tor a m one's saffering from catarrh. in. Sl. Catarrh Remedí 1$ an unfailing cure tor that offenslve disease. It heals the diseased meuibrane, mul remove ilnll and depressed sensationa which always uitend catarrh. A short trial of the valuable preparation will make the sufforer feel like a new being. Were Miss Liberty Enlightening the World red headed ene wouldn't have to be holding np a torch. Don't rake that "cocktail in the morning.'' If yon have a "swelled bead," naiisiated stomach, and unstrung nerve sulting frotn the "convivial party last night." The sure and nf way, to clear the cobwebs from the brain, recover eest for food. and tone np the nervous system, is to use Dr. Pieree'a "Pleasant Purgativa Pellets.'1 Sold by all dtuggista. There ar.' plenty of ik ople who want the earth. luit girls, as n rule, would be satisfled witli a new Jereey. The only reliable cure for catarrh is Dr Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Brown growa in popular favor. Tüoy Bring Natural Color Tochoek anti lin. ('authh's Ikon l n.i.s. H takes niae tailors to make aman but one tailor can make a woman, that is he can make her proud. If 'i couglï disturbsyoursleep, take l'isors i 'ure lor i lonsumpt ion and rest well. During the past winter uu less than ony j hundred childn n have liurned to death. l':ir-h put ga tl ve remedies are fast glvlng w.iv tu il.e k utli' action and milil effects of j carter'a Mitle Uver l'ill?. IT you try tbem ' they wl 1 certa'nly please you. lATIiiyT.Solf!i;iio(UyT,ijisIiatrger&Co., toim.-y.s, '.i-iiiiiLui],D.C JisL'd 1S6Í. Advicc free. A dress of golden brown faille has a l'laiii skirt witli a iianel of brown and RoMbfocade. The bodlce la of faille, wíth a jacket and epanleta of the brocado. The drapery is of the faille. with a reverse of the brocade. 'rim inf.-int reason growa apare and calis for one more application of thnt good friend, Salvation Oil, which oever disappointa bat always kills pain. It is reppofted that a "galeswuman" ha been arreated in New Vork. Howisthisi We have an idea that there is only salesladies in that city. Bodioea of plain cloth are worn with Btriped Bkirta. Borne of these are made in jacket shape and have a separate vost of the Btriped material. [nstantaneoaa phqtography mayyetbe the iu. bhering the expression on the face of a í-i a week clerk on learning that his v ife luis twilis. The skirts of woo] dres?es nre made plain. Kviti Ihe f oot plaiting is dispensed with, a band of the material pinked ut the edge lu'inu osed in it s place. Pancy Feather?, beads, wooden plns, astrakhan bands, banda of vclvct and chenille, ribbons and Bcarfa ia Goeblio effects are all used in triuiming M imts. More tli;m one bnndred and twenty-five thousand bottlea ofoDr. Buli's Cougb Byrup have been aold by ;i single firm in Haltimore. - Messrs. Win. II. Brown & Uro. There is astronr suspicion afloat that the reason Bartholdl made hist t ne barehead ed Is becanse to imt h hat on lior of the present fashion would make heraboiif 860 f eet high. Sallow 3 ;n and Pimples on tbe Face Cured liy CAB1 EB - l.l Tl.l. l.l i B PlLLS. :ü et. 'i'lio long Newmarket and short walking jacket to be tachionable must be of checked cloth. Cocohs, Hoabseners, Sobe Thkoat, etc., quickly relieved by Bsowx'a BroxobiaIi Troches. A imple and effectnal remedy, Buperior to all other articles for the smne purpoBe. s.Ad vul ii in 'n.'iv, ♦ ÏSSi LYD1A E. PINKHAM'S : %Mk VEGETABLE COMPOUND fe tf "WILL HELP Ê$Êi ANY WOMAN CSB. Sufferlng from Kidney DisSlyaPs oase o r from troubles po -w ƒ■ culiarto her sex. lts PurPcse Ís solely for tht legitímate keaïingqf di'srase and ihe re tirf of Pain, and that it does allit claims to do, thou&ands ofladies can gladly testify, 1 1 has stood the lest of twenty years Ín rclicvïng pcriodical pain, promoting regularity of scasons, and banishing wcakness, backachc and consequent nervous distress. Probably no other woman in tbc world rcccivcs so many "letters of thanks" as Lydia E Pinkham, of Lynn, Mass. Mrs. T of Enfieid, N. H., says: "I will simply say that your Vegetable Compound is all you recommend t to be. Aas done me Worlds of g-eod." Another lady writes from Ottawa as follows: "I havejust to-day boughtthc scvcnth bottlcof your Vegetable Compound, have used two boxes of Pilis and scvcral packages of your Sanative W'ash, and think il but right to teil you liow inuch good I derived from your medicines. They areui regular Cod-send. All the pains and acbet have almos t disappcarcd, my stomach is inuch ïtronger too and I feel myself improved every way," XVlco i. teoÏJ by all DrucaUU. SEND THE N AMES and AODRESSES OF YOUR FRIENDS IN THE EAST I To tilo umI?rHÍgnel, :unl he wlll mail thom a copy r tlie ;. & M. i:. H. Pampblet descriplive oTthe BROKEN BOA COUNTRY, togetlier with u lurge map of Nebraska. P. S. EUSTIS, Gen'! Pass. and Ticket Agt. B. k 1. R. t, OMAHA, NEB.


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