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Slavery In Maryland

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A petition ib being extensively circulated in Maryland caüing the attention of Congress to a system of slavery existing on "vessels engaged in oyster-diedging in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and lts tributaries, which, in ite brutality, oppression aad horrible treatment has rarety been equaled in history. Men are entioed, by false representation, to ship for a short period, and otten are kidnaped by brutal forcé, and kept against their will by foroe as slaves on these vessels in the bay tor three, four and five months, being tranaferred from one boat to another, kept at hard work without proper provieions. without pay, and under the moet oruel and horrible treatment. M8ny of them have been murdered, and the murderers never have been brought to justice; and the suffering of these poor men from maltreatmeut, as well as the exposure to cold and the elements with out proper protection of the law, as there is no pólice supervisión over these waters: and your petitioners pray that a committee may be appointed by your honarable body to inquire into this great grievance, and that such laws may be patised as will remedy this cruel w rong."


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