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Real Estate Transfers

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Lovell D. Loomis to Wm. A. Graham, property in Chelsea village, $1,475. Thos. Finch to Samuel Finch, Augusta, $2,000. Minnie L. Roberts to Sarah A. Laflin, Ypsilanti, $800. Harriel L. Jewell to Harriet T. Van Valkenburg, Manoheater, 81,000. R. T. Van Valkenburg to Harriet L. Jewell, Manchester, $1,000. Jno. T. Nii'hols (by executor) to Jacob H. Clough, Ann Arbor town, $7,000. Chas. S. Stark to Jno. H. Stark, Saem, $400. Reuben Kempf to L. J. Leman, Sylran. $2,500. Chas. H. Kempf to Wilbur G. Kempf, Lima, $1,000. Sophia Hamhn (by adm'r) to Russell C. Reeves, oity, $1,520. Russell C. Reeves to Anna B. Baoh, ity, $2,500. E. R. Smith to Sylvanus Howell, Bridgewater, $7,200. Francis P. Batea to Frank taffan, 1500. Anna A. Crandall to Chas. Crandall, York, $600. Jno. Dixon to Edwin R. Doan, Dïxter, $435. Jno. Hutohinson (by sherifl) to Miohel Stabler, Salem, $1,007.16. Frank Dolan to Bridget Dolan, Northfield, $200. Christina Tuoker to Jas. L. Gilbert, Chelsea, $1,100. Wm. W . Cook to Edward Lavender, Northfleld, $3,000. Julia M. Tillapaugh to Joseph K. Tutle, Ypsilanti, $400. Martin L. Wheelock to Arthur G. Wheelock, Saline, $1,068. Willie Sprague to Thos. Sprague, Augusta, $1,130. Robt E. Northard to Hydraulic Press Co., Dexter village, $240. Robt Campbell to Jno. K. Campbell, Augusta, $11,400. Josiah Jacobs to Seliick and Frank Wood, City, $500.