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Th- ppinto h is jiassed the bijl appropri nting $ -2, Or t the universitr. The at tiMiipt to get an a. piopriation for the gymua iuüi lailed. The bill to detach Alma vi'lage frora Pine Uiver and iinnox it to Ar da ivas dele ted in t':.e ho kb. aud afterwaids reconsidered and tot led. The governor ha npproved the bilis for tl o organización of log and tlmber insurance, for th3 inco porat.on of Mic-.ct os o.' phainia ists, authorizing the tripte 's of Kalamazoo a-ylum t co-ivoy certain land to Kalamazoo ity, and one 7eluive to co operaiive taviugs ascociations. A delegatinn from the state Pharmnceuti al asbociation was n attendame on the legislatore the otber day. and beid a con ference witli tiie house coniniittee on ihe li.inor tr iiüc. The drugists ob eet tob:ing classed Wlth saloon-k -O] e s, and atter very forci ly etting forth 'hi fact to the c oinmitlee. i'resented to the legiilat ire the lollowing bs einliodyiug succinctly thcii' views n the licuor trame: Ived. 'lhat the fo.lowing measiire! herí1! y it inav be possiboto reaeh and t x thoe mnïists who are wil. ing to degrade the r profes icn by seling li .uor fr other tliun medicinal purposes nd in direct ioationof the laws o.' the xtata. Le declar d the sens ; of this meeting and I e (rangmltted bv the secretar, thereof 10 the members of th? legislatun'. That we e insider the present law ampio and sullii'ient : lutas not lieing enforced. We recomnieml that a stale constabuhiry be üppointid for the enlonemont of the said law. i'or tlie first vio aiion thereof the person so convir ted as n pen Ity to pay the aniount oí the regular saioon 11cense ; for the econd violation iheragisti-ation as a ph trmaci-t to l e ordered re vokea liy tne .state uoara ot pnariiiacy, i an 1 the person so convicted shalí be I igible f op registration in this state for a j term of five years. Tbe bill to prevent romliinations of fire or marine in-urance eompanies by nieans oí local boards oL uuderwrilers has passed the house. The ouetion of the restriction of the sale of li luor is the most important one whioh h;s been brought before the le;rilature since t!;e election, aml tliii luis been inanunoffleial way. 'Jhere-eemstobe little doubt that tbc liquortax will be inereas'd from its present (tures to letweenïfiOO and iTiH), tl-at is if the country meinbers sliall hive tüeir way. No denate on the Bub eet hasyet tiken' place, but emiiigh is j lertain to predict a t tubbo n tight when the varioiis liiiuor bilis aro fair. y beiore the two houses. Nothing more will be heard at this fession uliout living omen the right to vote on municipal que. tion-. Altlioi ghlacked j by enormous petitions, the house has kTlled this bill. If all thee petitioners j had betn voters the fate of the ll! wou d have been d Herent., ns ptoperiy prepared petitions have considribe weigbt; but: petitions large'y si nel by minors and vrom n do do not, and shon'd not be pi en mucb weight in !e idin such importint : matters os the suffrage. The bil to pive Ion; term prisoners 1 tenced fcr first offenses to t'. e I etroit ' boute of correetion has been amende i by i the fenata to rivj them to eitlier the lonia house of correct on or tb Detroit j tion. at ih opt on of ti:e .)i:dseeniencing. The nmendnieut has been concurred in Ly tbe houe. Mr. Charman of Hillsdale moved in the hnuse th 'other niglit to recall from the senute the ieso ulitinorde: ing the printin ; of 1,51)0 eddition! o. the manual. I He said the co t of tuB e niainials to the state woul.l be I1.C6 ea h, wbich iro a iy no one tl.ouglu of at the tin e the vote was taken. 1 e sii 1 that the. ron-titnti' n ! jir liibited the incurringof expena i of this kind without a re orJed v te. whicli Was j not the cose vifh the ndoyti n o! th:s ' o ution. The subject wasdeb .ted at somo length. but tha resolution wis lost by n votof2)to 44, fcO the 1.Í.0J manuals wij be printed. Within the next few days the Governor will proWably na:i e a -ucee-sor to the lale Gen. i.oberton for the oilice of ad utant general. ai:d great iiüere-t is manlfesteti ín tiis appointment, particul: r y in n ilitary i-irles. 'i'i:ere are a QUml er of candidates, eiicii one of whom i Leing ursed t y his friendo s the only man competent fur Ihe poitfn. Detroit offei's tien. Luther B. Trowbrldjce and Col. Chas. H. Lutn; f.c I lkfvlin it Jnctann wnli il tilri tlln I ion, a would Co!. l. 15. áinger of t harlotte; Col. Alt n of Battle (reek and Col. I). H. Ccraa of I.ansiiiK have a btroig fo'lowing, wnile the lriendsof ('o!. O. t. Loe heal of lint relieve that lio is peculiarly fitted f r tlie politlón. Gen. V, C. Hmnphrey, tlie deputy un Ier ( e i. Kol er;son. an I now in charge oí the ofüce, I has his knowiertge of thr dei artinent to help him liesides theendoremeut ot' manv prominent G. A. H. men throup;hout. t e st:ite: Gen. W. H. WithinRton of Ji.cksoú is another man wlio his mneb stronjí ! in. The li t of cindies is wound np with .lohn D. Sumner of Kfllam-'zoo a hero at Ilund and at Teldou Junción, and who lias thu upi oit of in fluetitial town' men;Gen. V. ],. Stoi'Klit in of P turkis, who losta loj; at. Marietta, lia., and who b s good ñames to mpport liim and Col. C. I. Rogrs f Adrián, who, however. is not making an active canvass fur the place Ion C. henderson of Allenn lirings el itorial lriends of the stats to 1 ear in hta liehalf. He alo ba the support of Mnno of Al egan s lest men. Altogether tlii list presents 15 1 eroe-:. all ot' whoin h.-ivo won a rlgat to consideration liy valiant servies on the teil VVilli sucha la: ge list of good Dames, weli rei ommen led, the goVernor is i ntnal y in a (uandary, for he musf. disa' point 1.4 of tho candidatos and their (rienda The Governor hns approved the bill re auiring p:osecuting aitoi'neys to conduet criminal pro endings in the suprema court; a so the bilis to incorpórate suburban homestead. vil. a park and slimmer res ut aso. iations, and to make the possession of K me or flsh out of eaon prima facie evidenee of the violation of the law f proteo ting the same. Tle bill requiring each connty to Imild at the connty eat a jail. with sep rato wnrds for n en, for boys and for women an 1 lor girls. EO t at tnereshallbe nooommunic ition by talk, sght or otlie rnise 1 e tween theoocupantwoftbedifferentw u-ds, preventing a 1 conveisat on and couim - nination between the ai i erent clas es of pri oners, was eonsideved in the houe the otlu;r d iy. The committee of tue wh .e striifl; ntit. ïtv a votft of two tl one a "i-iin readiií : "liut no nil shn 1 I o i uut until the p an thereof, parti Mi!ar!y tLat part wnereln a e confine!, lia I n ive first been sumitted to the st:to loard of correitions and charities for its suggestions and critkisms." Thisista en j nu indication that the bill to abi )i h the state lioard if corre tions and chariti' s will moet witb moi'e favor in the house than bas Leen expected. The committPes on pub'ic school and state all airs have reported aainst the adcption of tbe house rcsolution for the eppolntmeot of a speci il committee of one senator an 1 two repre entatives to invist pate the chirges relative to mino a'ity. cruelty, etc. ngainst ort'ceis aid te chers at the stats public school t Coldwater. Tho qnestlon of the udoption of the i eport of the committeer called out one of the inot pirtedltelates of th mion. The report of tbe committee was in opted, nnd the resolution for a speciai committee thereby was lost. The biH to extend the limits of Marine City has been pussed over the goveruor'a veto. As nmended by thesenatenndconcurred in by the homo, the. bill 'to ma've possession of gime or tish out of seann prima facie evidence of the violation of the laws 1 roteoting the same," reads: Bïi TIOS 1. The i'eople óf tho stato of Michiean enact, Thit in nll prostscutions for the violation nf any of the l.iwsfor the inotection i nd preservation of gume or flih, proof of th'3 jiossessiou of snob (.■ame or fih, or of the skin or cartass. or any portion of the ski i or carcasa of meh K mie or fish at nny t-inu whnn tbe UiUinR, takins or having in po sussion any of sut-h gme or tish is lv luw prohiblted. sha'l bo 1 rima facie evideiicc of a violation of the law by the persou or persons in whose possessioa the suuid óUall have been iouud.


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