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The Brutal Treatment That Patients

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have received at the New York insane asylum, is alinost, beyond belief. Severa 1 of the attendants have been arrested, and if convicted they ehonld bo hung. The official canvass held iu Lansing gives a majority against prohibition of 7.990, and a majority against the salaries arnendment of 52,147; republican plura lities 31,273; thehighest being 25,095. Thbke is no danger of milkmen not being permitted to ply their vocation on Sunday. The bugabear that livery stables wili be closed on Sunday only causes people to laugh. Anything for nu item with somo editora. -Milo H. Dakiu, representativo f rom Haginaw, has been found guilty of the charges brought against him, of venal and corrupt oonduct, and bas been expelled from the house. It was the duty of the legislature to act in this matter judiciously and conucientiously, and by expelling l)akin they have fulfilled their iluty and made an example of one, who for the greed of money, has diegraced himself forever in the sight of honorable raen. The temperance people of this city nppreciating the great services of the late David Preston, in temperence work and feeling tliat it would be a privilege to cive public expresion of their high estimation of Mr. Preston as a temperHüce worker, have engaged the opera house for a memorial service to be held on Sunday next at 8. o'clock p. m. The Rev. Dr. ttamsev, for a number of years pastor of the Central M. E. churoh, of Detroit, of which Mr. Preston was a raember, will deliver an address appropriate to the occasion. I langsterfer is always deeply deplored. Although only thirty-two years of age he was one of our most enterprising and public spiriteii citizens. He always took an active interest in any enterpnse that he thought would redown to the city's credit. As a caterer he was known bevond the bordere of Miohigan. The many young men who have attended the univorsity from the different stntes and lerrituries in the past few years, and those societies who have held re nnions at hia place, will remember him as an upright and honorable gentleman. Peace to his ashea.


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