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Democracy's Pledge Redeemed

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There is one great merit of Cleveland's administraron that should not be overlooked by demócrata. We refer to lts record in favor of economy and retrenehnient. In speaking on this subject the New York Star Says: "It must be borne in mind tbat the democratie administration assumed control on March láth, 1885, and could not get practically to work to reduce expenditures until the bezinning nf the fiscal year, July lst, 188T). To that date durinif the last fiscal year of Repnblican rule, the total ordinary receipts of the government from customs and internal revenue amounted to $822,690,706.88. During the firet fiscal year of Mr. Cleveland's admimstration, ending June 30th, 186, the ordi nary reci ipts of the government, from the snme sources, were 33(i,439,727.06, and the costs of colleeting tbis increased amount was for customs $490,6o8 less than the preceding y ar, and for internal revenue S155,!)14.9 les than the pre((Hling year. The total ordinary expenses of tbe jjovernment for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 1886 were $242,183,138.50, bcinjï less by Sl8.788.797 than Buch expenses for the precediug, and leaving h surplus in the treasury, at the oloee of the üschI vear of $93,956,988.50, aa against $3,402,771.27, at the close of the previous year, beiDg an mcrease in such surplus of $30,492,817.29. Mr. Thomas A. Hendricks denies that he has any intention of writing a biog raphy of the late vice-president. She is bowevor, eugaged in claRsifyiDj? and ar rangius; the mass of memoranda left by him, which will doubtleas be raluabl for reference iu the future. Natural gas has been put to a new use at Sewickly, uear Pittaburg, l'a. Accord mg to report, around natural gas posts within a radius of twenty feet, graas hai been ns green all winter as in summe time. For over a month pansies plantee near thene posts have been in full bloom A market gardeuer is raising asparagu iu the open air by the aid of the gas, an propuses to testits use in beds of vegeta bles heretufore grown in greenhouse!. - Mechanical News.


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