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Penalty For Being A Professional Beauty

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Pull Hall Gazetto. Mrs. Ijangtry, beiore she disappear ed from English society, had seen many otlier ladies raised by royal favor to the now extinct position of "proiessional beauty." There is hardly one ol these ladies whose fate is not worthy of comraiseration, and whose confessions would not be valuable. Their reigns terminated in various ways. One oflended by observing that a certain waist was not as thin as formerly; another, that a certain hea-d of hair was not as thick as of yoru; third, in a festiva moment, poured a teaspoonful of ice cream down a royal skirt collar; a iourth falsely and wickedly stated to her friends that a certain bracelet was a royal gift, whereas, in truth and in fact, ït was bought out of the hard earnings of her husband's brains. The postion of favorita in volvedi untold expenses, for to know the prince involved knowinc; hia set, who were numerous and thirsty, and for whose accommodation, in a house otten of the tiniest, the frienda of a liítítime had perforce to be discarded. Fulsome was the audulation poured upon the beauty during her brief reien, and cruel were the sliglits and snubs put upon her when it ended, and when nothing remained to remitid her of it i hut shattered health, an alienated husband, and an infuriated law. In such circumstances there is ] nothing for lovely woman to do but : to go and winter on the Riviera. The j future of such a fallen star is dark indeed, unleaa, of courae, her husband can get elected as member ol parliament, when she can get back into society by another door.


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