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How Bailey's Boys Celebrated

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It is a great day in Utica when a newspaper man is appointed to a federal office- at least iÉ was a great dny in the Observer oiTice when E. Prentiss Bailey's name was sent tothe genate as the postmaster of Pentupville. The boys in the office kieked up high jinks, if the Utica correspondentofthe Chicago Mail is to be bclieved. He says: "As nothing like it was everattempted before, and as an opportunity for skylarking will never occur again, I shall betray no confidence in reciting for the Mail the detailsofa singularly-funny journalistic freak. At 1 o'clock this afternoon news reached Uticathat the President hadappointed E. Prentiss Bailey postmaster here. Bailey is the editor and chief owner of ihe Observer. When the telegram came Bailey was in Bulïalo. The attaches of the paper, temporarily in charge, feit pood- so good that they determined to celébrate the event in an "exlra." Getting out an array of flags, cannon and champaign rosters, they filled two columns witta exuberance in the most approved typographical, oh-be-joyful style. One of the -headlines read: "ITeard About Our Boss?" Another: "Postage Stamps will be Chenper Now." Another asonizing thought was expressed in the line: "Wi' Our Salaries be Baised?" Beneath a figure brandishing a drawn sword was the inscription: "Ye Gods! Won't the Letter-Carriers be Edited!" One scare head contained this assuranee: "We Will All Sign His Bond!" Under a picture of the President were the lines: It'e not bnd planning, Snye Grover gayly; I lose a MatininK And gain a Bniley. "At the head of another column was a portrait of the postmaf-ter himself with- Is it not the Proper caper, To put liim in II is oini paper? "When it is borne in mind that the new postmaster here is one of the most retiring of men, his emotions may be imagined when upon lus return to this city the boys showed him a copy of their extra. Confidentially, I had a hftnd in it myself, but (with equal frankness) I do not hesitate to aver I will never do it again."


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