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The Ohio State Journal of Dental Science advUos ladieg wearing artificial teeth notto use thair artificial or natural teeth for Hting off threads. It will wear ofi tho enamel of natural teeth and nick the outline of artificial teeth. Furtherniore, thread often contains lfiad, and oft repeatcd biting off of tnreads has been known to result in lead poisoning. Peopleshould be careful how they accept the proscriptions found in the daily papers. A sure cure for diphtheria published by some of the papen prescribed a tablespoonful of turpuntino for adults and a tcaspoonful for children, frequently repeated - an excessive or poisonous dose of a snbstance which must in any case be administered with great caution. Nytn Crinkle says we have morphino girls who uso this drug to drown mental troublo; belladonna girls who employ this powerful herb to dilate the pupil aud givo brightness to the eyes; the anenlo girl who employés this mineral to improye hrr complexion; the nitrato of siher girls who apply this poisonous wash to the hair to oblitérate gray hairs; and the nicotine girl whosmokes her cigarettos privately because she enoys tho liabit. Nyni Crinklo is riglit so far as the gir s aro con erned, but how is il about the men? John and Jacob are twins ten years oíd, having each a head and a chest, out only onc abdomen and ono pair of legs for the two. Jacob moves theright leg, John the left. They rccently residod in Vienna, where they were being elosely observed by phys ians, for a - eording to the last report regarding them, John was very sick, and it was expected thatif John died, Jacob would have to follow into the grave. It is reportod ihat the twins were engaged to visit the United States nnder l'arnum's control, but in the event of their death, the monstrosity will go toan anatomical nwseum. A Glasgow physician reporta a curious exporience of a patiënt of his who was troubled scriously with foul eruetations from the stomach. Early ono raorning he lighted a match to see the time and in blowing out the match his breath caught fire, burning his lips and giving him terrible surprise. Probably the gases formed in his stomach were chemically aimlogons to the inllammable gases formed in coal pits. M Chevreul reoently ce ebrated the centennial ann versarv of his birth. A Paris letter tells us that he is receiving uundreds of letters from allparts of ihc continent inqnlring aiter the secret of hia Btrength and longevity. To these inquines he says that the secret of his long life consists in two words "good health." For this gift he says he is indebted to his parents. A physician whose specialty is anal diseases has been studying the relation of anal fístula, to consumptlon. ltis an oíd idea that an anal fístula has a good effect in cases of consumption, but this physioian says that any improvement in consumptive symptoms which follows the oceurence of a fístula is not permanent. He says: "As a general rule, these fístula grcatly aggravHte the pulmonary affection by impairing the constitutional powers, especially if attended by copious discharge of pus and much irritation. The principal indication in such oases is to build up, not to deplete - I)r. Foote's Health Monthly.


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